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With Cheerilee acting as his pretend teacher for the day, Big Macintosh is roped into playing a number of childish games at school involving silly tests, drawing, and diapers.

Contains diapers, diaper usage, adults wearing diapers, and teacher/student role playing. Please don't keep reading if you disapprove of any of these themes.

Chapters (5)
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Nice role reversal. I like how you've been finding other implements of education for the two to enjoy their role play.

How will it end? Will it end? Could this be the start of a fun weekend activity for the two? Lots of fun questions to ask as more of this little role play is acted out.

This conclusion was well worth the wait. Now I'm curious as to whether or not there might be a sequel where Big Mac invites Sugar Belle to get in on the fun. :trixieshiftright:

Well this was a good ending to a good read, great work dude.

this was quite cute, perhaps I could get back to doing my story, but I get brain farts, so, it'll take a while and an editor would be nice, cause every time I tried to submit my story, it gets deleted, so feel free to hit me up on my story

11516123 How does your story keep getting deleted?

I keep forgetting to double space or something

Bice. Cute and comple

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