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After recovering from the love poison the troublesome Cutie Mark Crusaders gave them, Cheerilee and Big Macintosh were surprisingly unfazed by the strange situation. After a cordial evening together, the two got along just as well as they ever have, despite the awkwardness of their day.

However, weeks later, Cheerilee finds herself strangely ill...

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"However, Cherilee finds herself strangely I'll..."


OH SNAP! Didn't see that one coming....

oh CRAP...and i DID see this coming!


Ponies don't get AIDS!:pinkiegasp:

inb4 someone shows me a fic that proves me wrong. XD

When I saw the summery I had a idea as to what the "sickness" was going to be, still I was a bit surprised when you revealed it. Oh boy things have gotten a lot more complicated for our lovable colt, and with April Fool's Day... oh dear things are going to get messy.

In the Name of Her Serene Majesty,
Celestia's Paladin: For Honor and Duty, For the Sun and Moon

Very messy indeed. And don't forget about Fluttershy, how do you think she's gonna react to this? :fluttershysad:

:derpyderp1: Well this is gonna be interesting. A'int that right, Big Mac? :eeyup:


Holy plot twist batman!

I think it's appropriate to say:

Big Mac is fucked.

Read it on dA, then immediately looked for it here to track. :pinkiehappy:

Blast goggles down and grins up! This promises to be a lively story.


Heh, thank you! I shall make it so! :pinkiehappy:

Saw this on EQD but didn't see any links to FiMfiction, so I searched for it and voila it was here! Tracking on here, good story so far ace.

Any idea when the next chapter will be out?
I really want to see what happens next, but as a bit of a sucker for Fluttermac, I find myself really hoping that the doctor's wrong.

Like many of the rest I saw this on EqD, read on dA, now tracking here.
Very promising beginning. And I'm intrigued as to what April Foals' Day will bring...


Cue the Old Spice Guy:


I knew what the illness was. :rainbowlaugh:

So, stay with Fluttershy or go to Cheerilee, whom he impregnated while affected by a love potion... That's a hard choice right there.

And in the end, we'll learn that the doctor gave her a wrong diagnosis. It's not like he did any tests, he just asked her some questions. She may had gotten some rare, pony disease for all we know. I wouldn't put it past the Equestrian universe to have something like that.

Yes... continue this story, please, or risk marsupial sneak attack. A premise I haven't read yet, and budding relation about to get double teamed by awkward and drama. Oh yes, I'm a tracking this beast, just a few nitpicks.

(Attack of the parentheses!) They make the story read strange to me. In fiction, I've only seen parentheses used for when the narrator is talking to the reader instead of ...well narrating. There's probably other correct uses, but those curvy brackets are one of the few punctuation marks I unlearned. You got a 6 sets of 'em in there, and most can be replaced with commas, a new sentence, or are just unneeded.

And second, and I'm hope I'm not the only one thinking this, but how does Cheerilee not figure out her morning sickness sooner :pinkiesick:. I remember my 5th grade sex ed week, so I figure Cheerilee would be trained to teach it and recognize the symptoms sooner than she did. Not a big deal, just something that had me wondering.

Now go, continue your work. I'm excited to watch this roller coaster go


I use parentheses to denote an aside that's narrated more from my point of view than from the character's state of mind, if that makes sense.

And as for why she didn't figure out she was pregnant sooner, the morning sickness had really only been going on for a week, and she hadn't known she had sex, so I would assume because of that pregnancy wouldn't be the first thing to pop into her head.


Oh don't worry, the tests will come. :rainbowlaugh:

Please don't hurt Cheer, Big Mac is such a good pony! Even faced with an unsuspected foal I believe he would make a very good father! :fluttercry:

...I am so confused as what to feel about this fic...

Not much to say but... wuh oh...

Wow, most unexpected.

Well...Flutershy is the Element of Kindness, and she also knows how bad the CMC are...heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Fluttershy at least knows what happened (in regards to the them being lovey dovey that day).

As for how she reacts, I think it largely depends on how Big Mac reacts. Big Mac is a gentlecolt after all...

However, a common though in regards to some of the fandom and the ponies sexual orientations is that they are more open minded then we are overall. There's also the simple fact that Cheerilee and Fluttershy are likely friends so...

Not saying it will go over okay, so much as I think it won't be as bad as it could be.

I KNEW someone would do this.

Well THOSE were some unexpected things! :pinkiegasp:
I hope the next chapter(s) will soon be out! Tracked! :pinkiehappy:

i hope you got more

Finally got around to reading this. We need MORE!!! :flutterrage:


Heh, thanks. :twilightsmile:

I am working on it, but due my life being very hectic (to say the least, as that includes a hospital stay of all things) the past two months, pretty much everything I'm working on has been on a semi-hiatus. This is not dead though, that I can assure you of.

463894 Fair enough. Comment was just to let you know that your story is still gaining readers, even if it doesn't update for a while. Take it easy and get better, that is more important than the story anyway. We can wait a little longer! :ajsmug:


Thanks, I appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

And I figured it would be good to reply to let people get a glimpse of what's been going on, lol. Anyway, I hope that when this does update it doesn't disappoint!

First saw this on Fanfiction.net. Don't know any way to track stuff over there, so looked for it here. Aaaaand tracking this target. :P

When Big Mac finds out Cheerilee is pregnant and he is the father, he will have no choice but to marry her because the Apple family is all about doing the right and honorable thing.
And I'm all for that because I am NOT a FluttershyxBig Macintosh fan. I prefer CheerileexBig Macintosh.

When are you going to update :(


Sorry... :applecry:

Saying my life has been incredibly hectic for what's bordering on several months now would be an understatement. :fluttershysad:

624432 Good luck getting well! just glad to see this story isn't discontinued



Don't worry, I do definitely want to finish this story, but it seems like RL just likes to conspire against me at every turn.:unsuresweetie:

...and this fic suffered "Author Existence Failure". Faust DAMN it!

Ayayayayaya, poor Big Macintosh. And poor Cheerilee. Though... hm... CMC... April Foals' Day... Cheerilee suddenly getting preggers outta nowhere... connections almost form in my mind, but... I'm not sure...
Also, Flootershai may have to make Big Mac 'splain a thing or two.

Good concept. I can only imagine how hard it was to write this with the health problems. 20 y/o, way way too fucking young. RIP.


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i like the story. but will these people ever shut up about that love poision? it's annoying af to read a mac ship hearing 'love poisin' every frecking time

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:........:trixieshiftright:Then the fic changes from a Romantic-Comedy to a Tragic-Drama. We find out that Big Mac had an evil twin, and wants to ruin Big Mac by going out with Fluttershy to separtae the elements of harmony rendering them usless. Divested by his Evil twin plan succeeding, cheerilee comes in to comfort him and tells him that she is caring his child.....(Damn it Cheerilee your suppose to help Big Mac, not make him feel worse). After a few days of brooding Big Mac comes to terms with Cheerilee and will support her in her time of need. Then when she gives birth we then find out that Big Mac wasn't the father, but it was Evil Mac :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:. I'm rambling, awesome story :twilightsmile::twilightblush:

actual, literal gasp as the pony isn't Cheerily, it's Fluttershy!!!!!! omg!!!!! Great story! love it

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