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For several nights now Twilight has been plagued by the same dreams. What did they mean? Why was it always her brother that she dreamed about? And why did it always leave her with such a fluttering feeling in her chest? Following Princess Luna's advice, she talks things over with Shining Armor in hopes that he will help her find answers. Although it'll be embarrassing to admit she dreams about him taking care of her like a foal.

Cover Art By Cuddlehooves

Contains diapers, diaper usage, and baby paraphernalia. Please don't keep reading if you disapprove of any of these themes.

Chapters (6)
Comments ( 22 )

This was an interesting start for a story coming from, I can't wait to see how this will turn out for them.

Your 'Author's Note' truly put this whole story into a beautiful perspective. I've done stories like this, wherin the in-between content is bypassed for reader consideration to help keep the mood of the story flowing forward. Nice execution.

The heartwarming dream may be a subconscious memory of when Twilight was a baby and being looked out for her by her brother. Pehrpas recent stresses in life are forcing such thoughts forward to try and 'relax' the normally high-strung Alicorn?

You made Shining's efforts to look out for his little sister in the dream come off very genuine. He was just doing what he perceives, and was shown by his parents, what a good big brother would do. Nothing disturbing but more something for inward thinking on how some bonds go further back than memory that can be recalled during moments of being widely awake.

The scene where Twilight nervously asked her brother if he could help her in understanding the dream was cute. I could se her shrinking with each word of her question. She really let her guard down and, as he always has, Shining wasn't going to do something to hurt his sister at her most vulnerable.

It will be nat to see what kind of understanding Twi gets out of experiencing the dream in a state of awakeness. Maybe it will answer some questions for her?

A fairly promising start. I hope to see more soon.

Can't wait for chapter 2. Also can't wait till we get to diaper changing.

i think flash nice to see in later chapter

Will this ever continue?

I'm glad to see this updated. :twilightsmile:

Nice to see an update on this story and seeing Shining should being so supportive of Twilight's exploration with this fixation.

That’s cute. Hope this continues soon

Oh nice to see this one progressing again I hope shining get into one too.

So, any chance Shining is gonna have to change a dirty diaper? :trixieshiftright:

Oh very likely! It's inevitable when dealing with foals afterall! He probably has a lot of experience doing it back home and Cadance strikes me as the kind of mare who would try to pass it on to him when Flurry needs a change.

Nice! Wished that this story was finished though… . It was so good!

An incredible update. But I wonder how Twilight would feel about being offered a choice the next time she has to go? Would it make her feel more or less to know that she could not use her diaper if she'd rather not?

fun chapter, keep it up

Hehe, Twilight made boom boom like her niece Flurry Heart XD. Anyways, nice chapter, and can’t wait for more!

Now that was unexpected. But Shining Armor handled it like a pro. :twilightsmile:

quite an interesting ageplaying story, between twilight and her brother

I take it there's no chance of a sequel to this where Spike inadvertently finds out about Twilight and Shining's secret? :raritywink:

Well this was a fun ending to the story, keep it up.

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