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Marble Pie loves her life on her family farm, happily living out her days following a routine. Even if there was one part of the routine she wished she didn't have to make before bed...

If the cover art wasn't enough of a give away, this fic does contain diapers, but nothing sexual or fetishy, just a short piece about a bedwetting Marble Pie. The Mature rating is just to be safe.

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Nice and cute. Really good slice of life.

This probably could've been rated Teen given the content, but it was still a cute little one shot. I suppose there are no magic spells Marble or her family could look into that might help?

I enjoyed this one for what it was. Short and simple, but there is quite a bit of charm to the semi-mundane ritual of the routine diapering that appeals to me. Very cute.

I don’t think that’s how it works.

9477818 Well, you never know. I don't think there's been any exact specifications on how magic can affect the body besides a reduction in age.

I was looking forward to reading this one. Modest lil' Marble does make a good character to have this particular situation. The story really works when you take in how she really doesn't say a whole lot. She'd just go through the routine, rest, and wake up with the hope she stayed dry. A respective 'hum' or 'moan' depending on the outcome.

Cloth diapers would definitely do her well. Disposables would be pricey over time and, as she doesn't mess, it's easy to just wash and reuse until it can be done no more.

It's just really easy to see her and how she'd be going through all this. Deep down she probably feels very sad, annoyed, bothered, etc. However she knows it won't change anything and she just lives with it. Not great for her but still allows her to not be owned by her condition. :)

Daww, this was sweet :)

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