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A new year is finishing · 6:01pm Dec 31st, 2020

I have just realized that I haven't written any blogs in a whole year. :applejackunsure: My activity in Fimfiction is clearly limited because my writing and reading wishes aren't that strong recently. :ajsleepy: However, this last crazy and weird year that is coming to an end, has been a great chance to read cute and amazing stories about padded ponies, :pinkiehappy: in my particular case especially from Yosh-E-O, one of my favorite

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2957752 Wherever your prefer :twilightsmile:

Here or PMs?

2957720 Hmmm, yeah. Why not? You can tell me your ideas if you want. :twilightsmile: It's just that I'm not so active writing stories.

Do you take suggestions for stories?

Comment posted by TankCop deleted Jul 15th, 2020
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