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Midnight Shadows

Been a member since 2012, never realized there was a bio line until the end of 2018, I TAKE WRITING COMMISSIONS! :D lol.

Fictions and Characters by Midnight Shadows are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at Hasbro/My Little Pony.

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Hello! I'm Midnight Shadows! That's about the only interesting bit of information about myself I can put here....

I could go into how I'm a pegasus batpony mare that lives in Equestria...but I don't think any of you would want to her about that!

No but really, there isn't much else to say about me... ((Other than the fact that my OC totally isn't OP or mary sue at all, because I know someone out there thinks that simply because of the 'batpony' part.))


Commissions Updated · 5:53am Sep 3rd, 2018

So I've finally gotten around to updating my commissions page on FA,

(Link here)

It had come to my attention that it was a bit confusing before so I streamlined it. Prices really haven't changed, made it easier to understand as well as further clarified things that I don't/won't write. And remember, if in doubt you can always PM me and ask if you aren't sure/if it's not covered.

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Latest Stories

My new favorite quote.

"It's obvious you love your son very much, but, preventing him from being himself for fear that he'll get hurt isn't the best way to handle it, liebchen. Sure, this way he won't have to worry about being a social outcast, but he won't truly be himself, he'll be the pony other ponies expect him to be and not what he wants to be. Never being truly happy and I know you don't want that either. Life is full of pain and anguish regardless of how safe we play it. It's how we choose to handle that pain that makes all the difference. Aero is going to need his family's support including yours, and acceptance that this is who he is. Can you do that for him? Can you do this for your son?"

-Photo Finish (From Aero Replies Tumblr)
Source: http://aero-replies.tumblr.com/post/74312654760


Commission info can be found here:

Prices vary but don't be afraid to send me a PM!

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What I won't write?
Futa, Scat, gore, vomit, murder, most forms or oral (anxiety trigger for me) gagging, choking, hyper, excessive body weight gain, vore, most forms of death, things of that nature. Oh and utterly stupid ideas, (Like, for example, The moon falls out of the sky so we're gonna somehow make that mean that everypony has to be diapered and Sweetiebelle's cooking caused pinkie pie to something or another.) but I'd pretty much straight up say "That's a stupid idea and I won't write it" I'm brutally honest, so, don't have to worry about that.
(I will write messy diaper as long as it's not overly detailed on the contents but not straight up scat.)

Things I try to avoid:
I try to avoid writing Pinkie Pie because I suck at her and find it completely and utterly impossible to write her. Oh and Zebras that HAVE to Rhyme. Won't write Rhymes, too hard.

When it comes to ideas, are there any subjects at all that you just flat out won't write about?

Yeah, I understand completely, don't worry.

If I do open up requests, which I do from time to time, I'll put up a journal. But because of all of the things I have going on irl it's really hard to open up requests. Plus I do have ongoing commissions right now as well that I prioritize over requests or ideas (Or even my own projects)

Sorry that I sort of lashed out there, was annoyed with something else and I feel like I may have let my annoyance spill over into my reply to you. But yes please don't ask, but send ideas all you want, if it's something I like I will probably use it at some point, can't guarantee when but if it fits and it's something I think I can write without struggling with it I'll probably use it.

The problem with opening up requests aside from being super busy is that some people troll around and search for people who open requests and I don't want to say no to people, nor do I want to have to deny people who have wanted a story from me for a while but got to the party late because someone random got there first. I really struggle with requests and that's part of the reason why I don't do them. I feel like if I say no to a random, but then say yes to someone who's wanted something for a while it's favoritism, but I also feel like as the writer I should be able to say yes and no to ideas regardless of who submits them because if it's an idea I don't think I could write well or do a quality story of it, then I'd feel bad for even doing it in the first place. I struggle with the idea of Requests a lot, and any time I do think about opening up a slot or two I usually decide against it because I feel like its unfair... I might try a raffle request system in the future to make it fair, though that opens up the quality issue of if I don't like a story, hmm, I could implement request guidelines but again doesn't seem fair to the person requesting...

Yeah, I got into the whole struggle with opening and closing requests right then and I wasn't even trying to XD lol sorry about the small rant about requests lol. Anyways I do hope to at some point get to a place in life where I have the time to just open requests and do them whenever for whoever but between trying to find a job, studying to become a commercial pilot, personal projects, the occasional commission, and worrying if I can afford to eat dinner, I have too much right now to open them up, hope you understand.

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