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Midnight Shadows

Been a member since 2012, never realized there was a bio line until the end of 2018, I TAKE WRITING COMMISSIONS! :D lol.

Fictions and Characters by Midnight Shadows are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at Hasbro/My Little Pony.

Original Characters by Addy Shadows are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Hello! I'm Midnight Shadows! That's about the only interesting bit of information about myself I can put here....

I could go into how I'm a pegasus batpony mare that lives in Equestria...but I don't think any of you would want to her about that!

No but really, there isn't much else to say about me... ((Other than the fact that my OC totally isn't OP or mary sue at all, because I know someone out there thinks that simply because of the 'batpony' part.))


Hey everyone I just wanted to reccomend a fiction written by my BBBFF and Co-Writer Snowy~ · 10:46am May 18th, 2019

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take the time out of my day to say that my BBBFF and Co-Writer Snowy (AKA Thunderchaser23) has been writing a wonderful story, and if you're looking for a good read that's actually thought out, it's very much worth it. I'll drop a link to both Snowy's page and his story below. All I can say is, his story "Only A Mothers Love" is wonderfully written, the emotions are real and being privy to knowing what happens next, all I can say without spoiling it is, you're in

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My new favorite quote.

"It's obvious you love your son very much, but, preventing him from being himself for fear that he'll get hurt isn't the best way to handle it, liebchen. Sure, this way he won't have to worry about being a social outcast, but he won't truly be himself, he'll be the pony other ponies expect him to be and not what he wants to be. Never being truly happy and I know you don't want that either. Life is full of pain and anguish regardless of how safe we play it. It's how we choose to handle that pain that makes all the difference. Aero is going to need his family's support including yours, and acceptance that this is who he is. Can you do that for him? Can you do this for your son?"

-Photo Finish (From Aero Replies Tumblr)
Source: http://aero-replies.tumblr.com/post/74312654760


Commission info can be found here:

Prices vary but don't be afraid to send me a PM!

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Thank you for the invite!

PM me with what you're looking to get and I'll let you know how I'm comfortable breaking it up. The problem is, I've been burned on people saying "Oh yeah I'll pay half and half" or people saying "I'll pay when its done" So I hesitate to do that.

That's fair.
I only ask because, while I don't mind purchasing commissions that are $40+, I prefer splitting the payment into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Like, for a $60 commission, I'd rather do it in either two sets of $30 or 3 of $20 (preferably the latter, but I can do the former if I really need to)

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