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HI im ryan I`m a brony :D I love reading stories and I thought I might as well start. So I will and I`m just giving it a shot hope you like my stories

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For anypony who might be looking on my page, if you might have an Xbox 360 console, and have working live, look me up


I run a Battlefield 3 clan and play many other games, look me up, shoot me a message and I`ll play with you when I can

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Hey, it's me oODerpyOo, not entirely sure if you remember me, but hopefully you do. I finally got around to reading some of your content, ( sorry it took this long ) awesome work, I was very impressed. But we should talk again some time. I'd really appreciate it if you added me on my new skype account. ( username is: oODerpyOo) Hope to see ya soon :derpytongue2:

Thank you for the fav.

Thank ya kindly for tracking Changes! If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to rate and comment.

Yup but anyway xD
nice story

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