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HI im ryan I`m a brony :D I love reading stories and I thought I might as well start. So I will and I`m just giving it a shot hope you like my stories


Our Six Friends are engadged in War
They have there own squads to lead and each must make the decision to fight or flee
Who will stand and who will Fall in the war that Rages over Equestria.

In this story Our friends are humans and dont have the same names but the same traits they did
try to figure out who is who

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I don't mean to be rude, but I've always wondered this and I'm hoping you'll be able to provide some insight — why do you capitalize random words?

What makes "Six", "Friends", "Rages", or "Our" so important as to warrant capitalization?
Do you perhaps speak a primary language other than English? I know the Germans like to capitalize nouns. Are you very young, or otherwise uneducated?

This sounds terrible, and I'm sorry if I've offended, but my curiosity must be satisfied. I hope you understand that these questions are borne of academic interest, not contemptuousness, and find the patience to help me understand your thought process in turn.

Thank you.

its just a bad habir i hit the shift key for no reason sometimes

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