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HI im ryan I`m a brony :D I love reading stories and I thought I might as well start. So I will and I`m just giving it a shot hope you like my stories


The war for Equestria has been going on for years and everyone from baltimare to Canterlot has turned to the one who was winning. They either followed friends or didnt want to die. Now only one stands for freedom He hopes that others might think twice and come back. This war depends on who cares

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:fluttercry: But I love Luna...

In all seriousness; not bad. A bit too quick though. I feel you could've drawn some of the set pieces out a bit but nothing bad. Good all in all.

Now I need to go read a Luna fic before my brain collapses.

Few typos here and there, and I found it too quick too. Too good for thumbs down, not good enough for thumbs up. Keep trying though!

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