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HI im ryan I`m a brony :D I love reading stories and I thought I might as well start. So I will and I`m just giving it a shot hope you like my stories


The last fight for Equestria is coming to a close, five Hero's are fighting to stop the draskan from taking over their home. They are fighting alongside other troops who help them in their fight to survive. But these five are different, in a way that makes them almost unstoppable. But when their backs are to the wall, who will take a stand to save them all.

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He left her and swore he would comeback...

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Bunch of sad stories I decided to write. Enjoy the, leave comments, and tell me what I can improve on.
New stories are coming soon, so enjoy whats up and look forward to others.

To anypony who is confused by this, Each chapter is a different story unless marked with a "Part one, Part two" ect ect

If anypony would like to contribute to my collection of sad stories, please send me it and I will put it in my group, I will give all credit to the writer.


Edited by the amazing editor Sojourner (If you need an editor hes up for it.)

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Our Six Friends are engadged in War
They have there own squads to lead and each must make the decision to fight or flee
Who will stand and who will Fall in the war that Rages over Equestria.

In this story Our friends are humans and dont have the same names but the same traits they did
try to figure out who is who

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The journal of the fallen has been recovered and is now being shown to the public.
Learn from its wisdom as you read through its page`s.

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The war for Equestria has been going on for years and everyone from baltimare to Canterlot has turned to the one who was winning. They either followed friends or didnt want to die. Now only one stands for freedom He hopes that others might think twice and come back. This war depends on who cares

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