• Published 10th Nov 2012
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Journal of the Fallen - TheFallen

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Page 1

Page one

To all who might find this i regret to inform you that all is lost, but this is not about that. This journal will document everything I do to take down Celestia and I will explain what happened in these first few page`s.

It happened so fast and abrupt that no one saw it coming. The signs were right in front of us but nopony noticed them. I had gone to the Celestias Palace it was a normal day and I was bringing in the statuses of each city Manehatten, Baltimare, New colt city and ponyville. It was a normal day but Celestia had been acting weird she was fidgety and jittery it was hardly noticeable. She wasn’t herself but I brushed it off thinking she was just stressed that was a mistake I regret to this day. As the days passed it got worse. By the time she cracked it was too late to stop her. She went insane Luna couldn’t stop her nopony could. Soon enough she started hypnotizing ponies to work for her she got into their minds and making them follow her. Some ponies could resist it like me but they were rare to find. But by the time anyone did anything it had gotten out of hand. I ran with the other ponies that resisted her mind control. She completely destroyed Canterlot and after that Manehatten was destroyed. The buildings had crumbled and the city fell into complete chaos. She took out the mayors of each city, town, or village. After that a domino effect as she took out all the head leader`s. Only the ones who would follow her were spared. She went completly insane.

Now Equestria is a wasteland. The only existing piece of life that once stood is the remains of the populated areas. Now I and a few others plan on trying to take her down. Like I said before I will document this for (only if our plane works) ponies who might find this in the future. But for now i will explain my plan. First we need to try and get her alone. If possible we will try to keep her restrained. Next the two unicorn`s in our group will try to dig her way threw Celestia`s mind and stop the horrors that lay within. We expect after that is done, she won’t remember what she has done to Equestria. We will explain and hopefully she will return everything to normal... Hopefully if she goes easily then this might take a few days. If it’s more complicated then we hoped it will take months. The plane is extremely simple, get Celestia, Hold her down so our unicorn can get into her head, and Have her fix everything. Easier said than done, but we will get started when we locate her.

In our group are ten ponies. There are two unicorns Jade, and Scarlet.

They are twins both white coated and Gold mane`s but their eyes separate them. Jade has Beautiful green eyes, and Scarlet has deep red eyes.

Then we have four Pegasai including me. Wonder Bolt, Flash, Dawn, and me, if I haven’t noted my name it`s Dusk.

Bolt has a blue coat and a yellow mane. He is the fastest Pegasus I have ever met and a great guy in general. He works as our scout.

Flash is his best friend, she`s has a red coat and yellow mane. The two are always racing each other its kind of fun to watch. She work`s as our doctor since she also has good medical training.

Dawn... Dawn is the world to me, she being my Marefriend won’t go anywhere without me. She has a yellow and orange coat with a purple and gold mane. She is beautiful but her eyes... her eyes sparkle blue and they can change colors. Sometimes they are blue sometimes they can be a light purple. She is amazing and I love her.

That leaves me. My coat is a Midnight blue. and my Mane is a black. At night it’s almost impossible to see me without some sort of light. But I lead the group and keep us together.

The last four are earth ponies. Tudor, Frisk, Spark. Marine.

Tudor is a brown pony with a even darker brown mane. He`s obsessed with books never stops reading them. But when he has to fight, he is damn near unstoppable. He is a good guard and gives us information on anything that we might need.

Frisk.... he never stops moving even in his sleep he can’t sit still he’s always tossing and turning. He has a white coat and forest green mane. He is a strange pony and his mind seems to dart from thought to thought. He tags along we need as many ponies as possible. He is a fun pony to be around but can get annoying.

Spark, she`s good with fire and once she starts one she won’t put it out. She likes to burn things... a lot.
She has a black coat with an orange, red, and yellow mane. She herself looks like a flame. She is a great survivalist so we let her take care of anything that might include outdoor survival.

Finally Marine, He`s one of the two ponies here who can swim well. He has a green blue coat and a Green mane. He is a quiet pony but is good at mapping out situation`s so we let him plan our route`s.
I started this group and we all work together well. But if she find`s us before we find her, we might parish and any sign of hope will be lost.

That’s the group so now that everything is explained I will start my story.

Day One

We have been traveling for three day`s none stop. It has been tiring but we got to the outskirts of Baltimare. Tomorrow we are going to go into the city, look for supplies, more survivors, and see if Celestia is near by the city. This is the third city we have been too. If she is not here I am convinced she is moving her army from city to city. Then all we have to do is wait, but that might take a lot longer then we realized. I think Frisk is getting sick. He doesn’t look well, he`s not as jumpy, and he doesn’t talk as much as he usually does. This rest stop will be good for him. Hopefully he will be okay.
Dawn... She`s doing good I watch out for her, she almost got herself killed the other day by running into a trap set up by somepony. I made sure she didn’t. Bolt scouted out the beginning of the city for us, it doesn’t seem like anypony is waiting for us. Everypony else is just relaxing from the three days of nonstop walking. Flash is trying to set up the tent for him and bolt, he`s having trouble so I’m going to go help him.

I’m back and sitting in my tent. Dawn is sleeping next to me. This whole tent Situation is so far working out. The tents are situated like this we have Bolt and Flash in one since they are best friend`s. Me and Dawn because well she is my Marefriend and she`s happy to share with me. Then we have Spark, and Marine sharing. Its weird because they are complete opposite`s but they seem to get along just fine. The twins obviously share a tent, and then we have Tudor, and Frisk. It’s getting late and we have a long walk tomorrow so I’m going to end this Entry.