• Published 10th Nov 2012
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Journal of the Fallen - TheFallen

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Day three
Entry Two

It has been two days since my last entry and we have reached the city. We took shelter in a building that`s still standing. But we are running low on supplies. Our food is running low but everything else is fine. We all have some type of weapon on us in case of an ambush. Frisk is sick he passed out yesterday on the walk and we had to carry him to the building we are currently in. The twins are out looking for food and supplies and Bolt is out scouting the city. Dawn and Tudor are talking about who knows what. But for now all is peaceful so now I am writing until something comes up. Flash is trying to find anything that will help frisk but for now all we know is he isn’t contagious, but she told is he isn’t looking good and we don’t know if he will make it or not.

I hope he is okay. He is annoying most of the time but he means well most of the time. I think he had a family before this happened but Celestia took them away from him. She took a lot of things away from us. Before all this started everything was perfect. I had caring friends, and an amazing job that paid well. But now that is all gone and it’s a free for all. I wish things would go back to normal. I wish that every....

Bolt just came back and gave me an idea of what’s in the city. He saw another group of ponies, we don’t know if it’s some of Celestias of just another group but if they are just another group I would be happy to combine ours. Spark and Marine are going at it. It’s annoying to hear them fight about Everything but I can deal. Just by listening to it tells me it’s another conversation on whose better at what and this is better than that. It gets repetitive sometimes. The twins returned a couple minutes after Bolt. They had found enough supplies for our stay in the city. If we ration it enough maybe we can make it last till we get to New Colt city. But the sun is setting and it will be too dark to write so for now I will end this entry.

Day seven
Entry three

It has been four days since my last entry and I have good reason if I do not regularly do these entries
One my group is big and i have to make sure everyone is okay, make sure we have enough food, and such. But aside from that, we lost frisk the poor guy didn’t make it. He died two nights ago Flash was there when it happend and he did not tell us till the next morning. It`s hard to have him gone. It`s a lot quieter now that he`s gone... We all are grieving. I think Tudor was hit the worst the two were different but they were good friends. We gave him a proper burial and I even went through the effort of making a Headstone. I let Tudor carve the words into it, but we all will miss him. But we are going to try and find the other group tomorrow and I hope all will go well but I don’t know. Some ponies just can’t be trusted.
But we rationed the food and hopefully we will have enough to last us threw the next few months. Dawn has been acting weird lately. I hope she`s okay. She is growing more distant from me and the group everyday she hardly talks and when i ask what’s wrong all she does is walk away. It might just be because Frisk is gone but I don’t want to have her break down and slow our progress. She is a delicate mare and I’m the one who keeps her together. But for now I must go we have to plane for tomorrow. I will write after our encounter with the other group if possible.