• Published 25th Nov 2012
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Never Forget. - TheFallen

Story`s about love, and loss

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Rose tossed and turned in the dark as the same images popped into her head once again. Finally she woke from her dream and began to cry. It had been about two weeks since she lost her friend, and the nightmares started soon after. Sky light... the blue coated, white maned stallion, was her best friend, he always looked out for her, but now he was gone and she was alone. She put her head between her hoofs and kept sobbing, remembering what happened. The pony who killed him, the look as his life slipped from him, and the way she held him before he left her. The only friend she cared about, and loved was gone. As she laid back down she sobbed, soon after hours of crying she finally found sleep...

A shot rang out

"SKY NO, nonono" She saw the blood come from his upper body, as he fell onto the cold floor, she ran over to him, as she got to him she sat and held her friend. She looked to her left and saw the grey and black pony that pulled the trigger. His face had no expression just a cold hard stare that pierced threw her. She ignored him as she nuzzled her friend, she saw him look up at her, his face, emotion, and tone, were filled with sadness.

"I-I`m sorry Rose..." Her tears fell and she looked into his grey eyes, her red mane fell in front of her face and she left it in her face and kept comforting her hurt friend as he lay their in his final moments.

"y-you didn't do anything wrong, it wasn't your fault." her tears fell onto his coat and she looked at the bullet wound. The blood dripped from his wound and slid off his coat onto hers. She felt the warm liquid as it hit her fur and ran off onto the floor.

"I-I`ll miss you Rose." A tear came from his face. She tried to tell herself he would be okay but she knew deep inside it wasn't true.

"N-no your going to be okay Sky, someponys coming to help you... Don`t leave me." her heart ached, he was going to die and she knew it. She didn't want him to die, she loved him, he was her best friend, he had always been there for her.

He smiled lightly and shook his head slowly. "R-Rose... w-we both know I-I`m not going t-to make it." He ran his hoof threw her mane for the last time. His smiled faded into a scared frown.

"R-Rose, everything's getting dark." She tried to muster four words that she had said many times before, but she choked for the first time, all she could do was watch her friend.

"Its g-going to be okay Sky, its going to be okay...." She repeated those few comforting words, but still couldn't get out the four she wanted. As she looked down at her friend, she noticed he looked scared as she held him. As his breathing ceased and his heart stopped, she buried her head into his chest crying, her friend was gone.

She woke once more, her head still lay on the pillow that support it, tears fell from her head and she cried softly remembering her fallen friend, she got up from her soft warm bed and slowly went to the window. As she opened the blinds she looked over the field, and the lone tree that stood on a hill in the middle of it, underneath it a grey stone tablet. She sighed and left her room, walked down the stairs, and outside towered s the hill. To her right the sun slowly came over the horizon and the sky was filled with orange yellow red and purple as she walked to the grave. As she got to it the sun was halfway over the horizon and warmed her white coat.

She closed her eyes and remembered the best image of her friend she could. She saw him smiling a soft calm smile, his blue coat was empty of any blemishes, his white mane that barely hung over his shoulders, his calm pose. She stood at the grave and said the four words that she couldn't weeks ago.
"I love you Sky..."