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There's a reason why I'm TheExhaustedBrony. I should really invest in some sleep.

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Thank you so much for adding both Derpy's Fiery Protector and I Caused This to your favorites! :twilightsmile: Tell me, since you've read both, do you think I should continue on with the adventure-y stuff, like DFP, or d'ya think shorter, slightly darker stories, like ICT, are better for my writing style?

They have a fight. Triangle wins. Triange mare.

Bruh, is your profile picture of Cirno?

Thank you for the Follow, fellow fan of Best Siren! I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but I'll do my best to not let you down!

1447676 lol well I'll get right on that. You check out my other stories. I've been told that they're hilarious. :scootangel:

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Music to listen to while reading fics

I only have sad at the moment, it's kinda hard to find music for the others, at least I think so.

Dead Island Theme:
Dead Island Riptide:

The Walking Dead (the game):
The entire freakin' soundtrack. Youtube it and choose one you think would go best with a fic and read away.
Silent Hill:
Blood Tears

Final Fantasy V:
Nostalgia (Sorrows of Parting)

Alight: (the entire video)