• Published 25th Nov 2012
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Never Forget. - TheFallen

Story`s about love, and loss

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In The Darkness

In The Darkness

In the darkness, where light didn't shine, where nopony could see, a voice rang out.The sky blue Pegasus had to confessed what she never wanted to,

"G-guys," Twilights horn glowed, a dim purple light spread across the room,

"Yea Dash?" She looked at the Pegasus who sat in the corner of the room,

"W-what was the f-first symptom of the disease again?" Twilight got suspicious and all Dash`s friends turned there head to face her,

"Its nausea, why? do you feel like your getting sick," Dash sat silent, she shifted her gaze to the cold grey floor, "Dash if you are you can tell us. were your friends," Twilight pleaded to Dash,

"I-I just dont feel right, somethings off but I don't know," Her voice went to a quiet whisper, " I don't want to die like the others,"

Everypony but Dash shared a gaze and after a few short moments they went back to her,

"D-dash, y`know what we have to do now r-right," Applejack didn't have to explain Dash knew, she sighed and tears filled her eyes,

"So" Twilight said, "W-who`s going to have to do it,"

"W-well I-I don't h-have the strength" A meek voice came, Fluttershy was right, she didn't,

"Nor I" Rarity spoke,

Applejack sighed,"Ah`m the only one who can ah`guess," Dash was curled into the corner, Twilight proposed a new suggestion,

"W-we don't h-have to do this, w-we could let her o-outside," No pony commented and knew it wasn't an option, she sighed and watched Applejack walk over to the scarred Pegasus. Applejacks voice was soft and comforting,

"C,mon sugarcube, I-I promise I`ll make it quick," Dash looked up at her and slowly nodded, tears filled her eyes and her crying was quiet. She stood and walked over to the middle of the wall, Applejack followed behind.

Dash pressed her left side up against the wall, and she tried to clear her head. She waited for the impending, and knew this was for the best, she didn't want her friends to end up like the others.

"Twi, cut the light, nopony should have to see this," Twilight did as told and Applejack sighed, her back legs and flank faced Rainbow Dash. After a few moments of silence, Applejack threw her back legs out like she had done many times before when she was bucking apples, in the days before all this, she made contact and heard a dull thump as her hoofs hit Dash`s skull. A soft moan came from the Pegasus, and Applejack threw her legs out again, and again, until a crack was heard. Applejack felt a warm liquid had splattered her flank, blood. She heard the soft thump that Dash made when her body hit the floor. Applejack sobbed quietly and went to the opposite wall and sat down, a few soft words came out of her mouth,

"Ah`m s-sorry, Ah`m so sorry."

One of her friends came to comfort her, it was unknow which one it was but she felt the soft fur of another pony, and the warm breathing that came from them,

"You had to do it, it`s not your fault." Fluttershy said trying to comfort her friend.

No words were said after that, the dark room stood silent and in the darkness a scream rang out.