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I'm coming back soon · 11:47am July 26th

Hey guys, I'm finally coming back to writing. It's been tough due to working very hard for the past two months, plus I decided to take a relaxing vacation for about ten days that is ending tomorrow. However, I'll have more free time to finally start writing again, but I want to warm up since its been awhile so expect a one shot from me soon. What it is I don't know, I'll be writing it on the train ride home.

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I'm still fine with FlutterDash and I might if I get a good idea or the paring makes sense in one.

Hey, Rated, I have a couple of questions to ask. Even though I've heard that the finale hinted that your other favorite pairing has become canon, I have to wonder if you're still okay with FlutterDash. That also leads into my second question: Do you ever intend to write another FlutterDash story?

I'm proud of what the other races did when they found out the truth about what Celestia was planning to do to humanity so I consider that they believe that Celestia has gone ponyshit (as in she has gone completely mad with perfection)

The other races didn't believe it at first either but when it became clear this was a hostile action they rebelled but all died doing it

But was it still Celestia's fault for trying to turn all of the humans into ponies I mean how do you think the other races like Griffons, Changelings, Yaks, Hippogriffs, Zebras and Seaponies in Equestria felt if they discovered that Princess Celestia was trying to convert the humans into ponies?

I'm sure that Queen Chrysalis's reaction will be like "I would never do something like that!"

  • Viewing 918 - 922 of 922
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