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Ok, that's understandable. Personally, I want to see the MLP characters reactions to centain races of Warhammer 40k, especially to the Orks or the Imperium of Man or the whole idea that there is a girm dark universe where there is only war. I swear the deep lore can get pretty dark and way out there at times.:twilightoops::pinkiecrazy:

I am not sure what happens after. We’ll see

Hello, and salutation, Rated Ponystar. First off love your stories. Very well done work. Especially negotiator verse.

Anywho. I was just wondering, since you have the Student Six watched the lore vids of Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I was hoping if there would be any possibility for a separate series having them watch lore vids of Warhammer 40k or the Dark Souls series.

Finish with Sanguine Kindness which was really good! Are you going to make a sequel or a side story? Because I like to see more monsters in verse

I wonder if the Student Six watch The Armchair Historian.

  • Viewing 979 - 983 of 983
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