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It may not not be necessary for you to post this kind of story since you've already made sequels in your Assassinverse arc and that they took years to finish them, excluding the ones that are in progress, but I do want to ask you something about the Season 9 finale. Also, try not to get offended by what I'm about to elaborate, it's just a "what if" statement with empty outcomes that just came out of my mind.

If you were to rewrite Assassination of Twilight Sparkle to which takes place after the events in Season 9, what kind of changes would you make first? What would happen if Twilight's assassination took place several years later after she became the new ruler of Equestria?

Busy enough as it is so I am not taking more ideas sorry

Just curious, but would you be willing to read a suggestion for a fic to write?

: D I already follow you there, but I never knew you had fimfiction

  • Viewing 903 - 907 of 907
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