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"You think you know me..."


Remembering how she was able to see the past with the potion that Zecora made for her during the vine incident, Twilight decides to make her own to try it out again while also experimenting to see if she can make potions see into the present and future as well.

The results were...interesting.

Commission for Grand_Moff_Pony

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This is good. I like this.

Take my favourite

I'd say her experiment was a success.:derpytongue2:

It seems Celestia's trolling rubbed off on twilight quite a bit.
That was perfect

Oh Twilight, for someone who loves learning, looks like you will never learn.

This kinda reminds me of this other story that was released shortly after the Season 4 premiere, where Twilight also accidentally saw her parents conceive her. The parts where she sees the future were pretty good, especially her realizing she will get together with Ember’s son.

You'd think twilight stole cadences title as princess of love (or at least love-making)

Yeah, I saw that past scene coming from a mile away.

Other than the visual memories, she had a bigger stack of books, a giant bed in a different design, some kind of weapon locker that made her wonder why, and in the nearby corner where her desk was. "Wait, is that a computer?" Twilight asked, remembering them from her time in Sunset's world. "Holy moly, we really advanced!"

Wow it looks like the upcoming of My Little Pony new generation is coming soon

I feel bad for Twilight had to deal with whatever she saw and I'm not going to say it because nope but I will admit it was pretty funny even though I'm not a big fan of sex I mean I'm all for love but not this but anyway this was a pretty interesting story keep up the good work.

Well, at least Twiggles has plenty of time to work through all that self inflicted trauma.

Good story. Funny stuff.

Good one, Thanks for sharing.


This reminds me of 'Dream a little dream'. With this much time difference I don't expect them being related, but I guess it's true that great people think alike :3

Surprised Ember didn’t think she was making a pass.

When she was astounded by how big it was, she was... admiring his charming personality, right? Or maybe his bright intellect? His vast collection of rare and supposedly-lost tomes?
Good story. It coaxed some chuckles out of me at several occasions. I do wonder, though... the potions had shown her a lot of sex. Last time, her visions gave her the exact information she needed to get rid of those vines. So there obviously has to be some sort of controlling mechanic, something that determines what vision you'll be shown. Current hypothesis: The potion is guided by the imbibers subconsciousness. Twilight wanted to find a way to get rid of the vines? So the potion helped her gather those informations. Which would have some hilarious implications for this story, wouldn't it?
:trollestia: Twilight, are you - and please excuse the rather blunt choice of words - horny? Sex-obsessed? Lonely?
:twilightoops: I... uh... I wouldn't... what? M-Maybe?
:trollestia: Applejack has taught you well, honesty is a good first step. Now, I'll schedule a meeting with my sister for you, as these kinds of things are, at least according to her, part of her nightly domain.
:facehoof: Maybe I can just... talk to Cadence about this?
:trollestia: Oh don't worry, Luna's been looking forward to this for quite some time! I'm sure she'll be perfectly capable of... helping you.
:facehoof: What have I gotten myself into...
:moustache: It's only natural, you know? No need to get riled up over. I do i-
:twilightangry2: I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!
:trollestia: Now, now, that's not a proper attitude for any student of mine. What happened to your thirst?
:trollestia: ... of knowledge, that is?

Hah. Sorry 'bout that. Funny images in my head.
Anyway, great story.

Thank you.

One sip and a lip smack later.

"Things are, were, and always will be f:fluttershbad:cked, but hey, at least now we have indoor plumbing."

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