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"You think you know me..."


For as long as any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders can remember, Diamond Tiara had always been the biggest bully they knew. But when that said bully dies in an accident, each of them starts to go through their own emotional experience from this sudden change in their lives. Each will learn more about themselves and about the pony who they all thought they knew before she is laid to rest.

***Takes place just after season 3 but before season 4. This story is completed.***

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Is this originality I'm noticing?

Holy shit.

I'm not sure how to deal with this.

Better read it.

This is going to be a journey, I can tell that much.
(during the chase scene Apple Bloom yells 'hit the breaks' and that's wrong)

some people don't like her, I can show you a whole lot of stories where diamond tiara has had something bad happen to her, but this is better then the others

Reminds me of And I Asked Why, only far more personal and complicated. This could be very interesting.

Holy shit, a Diamond Tiara fic that's centered around coming to terms with the death of thine enemy? It's like Batman coping with the loss of the joker! Consider me hooked, intrigued and ready to be astounded!

Your Antagonist

Hmmm. I have GOT to see where this road leads them. They won't get a chance to make things right with Diamond Tiara but they might reach some sort of understanding with Silver Spoon.

I can relate, sort of. I had an acquaintance in college who wasn't a bad guy, but if you could imagine Twilight Sparkle's social awkwardness combined with Diamond Tiara's or Trixie's boastfulness, you'd have him. He had this tendency to say the worst possible thing at the wrong moment and get under your skin. I met his parents once, and could totally understand why he acted that way, too. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. The last words he ever said to me were "I can't believe you're still wearing that shirt." When I found out that all three of them were in a fatal car accident, it really made me think about stuff.

Hopefully Applebloom can be convinced that it wasn't her wish that caused this. The accident had already happened, and even if wishes on a shooting star in Equestria can come true, they're likely controlled by Princess Luna, who wouldn't grant one that would cause harm to any of her subjects.

We've all had the moment where somebody you knew, who may or may not have been a jerk, suddenly died and it's a sudden change when their no longer a part of your life. No matter how small it was. That's a thing that I want to reach out to readers in this story.

Feels? For Diamond Tiara? What have you done to me....

:fluttercry: This is so sad, but so good! Upvote and fav!

Dammit, Ponystar! Quit with the drama, I'm gonna have a heart attack!
*sniff* Diamond...

Right in the feels man. :fluttercry:

I've got to see where this leads. Sometimes it's hard when you lose someone you weren't on good terms with and you wonder if you really should feel guilty.

:applecry: Diamond Tiara Feels.
Not even Pinkie can fix this one
No Pinkie. Not even you

I'm gonna be following this one closely. Very interesting premise, it's nice to see something thought provoking like this.

Excellent writing, too.

Keep it up!

The feels
They've overrun our position!!
Brace for
HERK blah

I like this idea.

I knew an older person, who once mentioned he said something mean to a brother, when they were growing up. And by sheer coincidence, a few weeks later his brother got sick and died. That haunted him till his dying day.

Sometimes words can hurt, not just the one they're directed at, but the one who said it.

There are enough fluff type stories out there. So one that has the characters doing some soul searching has to be good. And if it makes readers think before lashing out at people, that just makes it better.

A...whether dark idea/story...and I love Tiara! :raritycry::raritydespair: :fluttershbad::applecry: Well I doubt if I'll ever read this as I avoid these type of stories, but if I do I'll comment.

Comment posted by i_am_the_jam deleted Mar 26th, 2013

Read it anyway.

Holy haybuckets with a pile of apples on top, original AND heartbreaking? This is just too thought-provoking. Good, no, amazing story, continue on.

That's very sad. Most stories that have Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon at the receiving end of any bad things really don't have a story drive. This does. I wouldn't compare it to Mind Games just yet but it's certainly interesting.

I'm always eager to see fresh ideas in the writing community, and this definitely qualifies as one. Congratulations on a great start to a hopefully wonderful read.
Also I just may have greased that carriage's wheels a bit before the accident. :trollestia:

You have done something nobody else has done before in any fanfiction I've read. And that is quite a few... You've actually managed to make me feel sorry for DT. :applecry: I've read a few that made Silver Spoon a good gal, but DT's never aroused any sad feelings in me.. Thank you, and please keep this quality up.

This be good... even if I think DT is one of the 6 elements of uselessness

Thank you for this, Rated PonyStar.

You have earned yourself a like, a favorite, and I swear that when
I'm no longer sick and am well enough to trust myself to a keyboard,
I will write a tragedy fic that I've been planning for a while now.

There's a reason I never wish ill on others. Too much of a risk if something happens.

Shit, this is deep. I feel this is going to be a really good fiction, one that will probably strip the CMC of childhood innocence.

Diamond Tiara is dead?!

*sings with joy!* Ding dong, the witch is dead!


2317350 Well yes, I have had someone who was a total jerk die. I was left with... a mild sense of satisfaction that I'd never have to deal with that useless pest ever again.

Really, no one liked the bastard. He was just a nasty piece of work.

Hmm, this one is actually original, just, go on writing it :twilightsmile:
It'll be really good, I'm sure!

>>>Ah wish somethin’ bad would happen to Diamond Tiara. Feeling a bit better, Apple Bloom got up and made her way downstairs to eat with her family,>>>

And of course she's going to feel guilty and believe her wish made Diamond Tiara die. I'm going to be very annoyed if that happens.

(Well, not me. But then I was never 'normal' by any definition of a standard.) :pinkiecrazy:

EDIT: Finished reading the chapter and, eyup, that's exactly what I thought. I am rather tired of that cheap emotional gimick. People always use that with children's wishes.

2317068 Diamond Tiara is your favorite pony? What is wrong with you?

>>Black Angel
Your avatar

Great job. It's nice to see some love given to Diamond Tiara. In the show I'm always worried she's mean cause her parents are mean to her or something. When you think of it like that, you wonder if it's kinda sad that bad things often happen to her at the end of CMC episodes.

stop fighting feels, you all wil get a turn

I cry tears for Silver Spoon.:raritycry::fluttercry::applecry::pinkiesad2:

The feels
I am sure DT has some good in her, even if it is only a small grain of sand.
Oh, and why didn't AB relize that it was after the accident and she got home did she wish upon a shooting star.

Although she got in the accident before the wish, Tiara died during the night from the injuries. So she still will blame herself.

2318892 I don't think so! Everyone is getting weepy already, despite being barely at the beginning of the story!

All we've seen so far is DT being a nasty little cretin as usual, and then she's dead. She has no redeeming characteristics thus far, save for a small reference to her liking Applebloom when they were too small to remember it.

That's similar to us having to be TOLD that Anakin and Obi-wan are friends in "Clone Wars" while they're riding the elevator, while in the entire rest of the movie Anakin clearly resents Obi-wan, while Obi-wan clearly thinks Anakin is a brat.

It doesn't set up the relationship in a meaningful way. All we really see within this chapter are reason not to care that DT died. It was an accident that none of the CMCs had anything to do with, thus there's no legitimate emotional connection. They didn't even see it happen. It was only viewed from a distance, practically offscreen from our POV.

Had she died while they were skating, or had they pulled a prank on DT that backfired (something like the rigged float in "Bad Apple", only it actually kills DT) you could genuinely expect the CMCs to feel regret and sorrow. But to base Applebloom's regret on her silly belief that a wish did it? That's a terribly weak notion to base it on.

2317344 I'm sorry that happened.

Also: "The accident had already happened, and even if wishes on a shooting star in Equestria can come true, they're likely controlled by Princess Luna, who wouldn't grant one that would cause harm to any of her subjects."
You've just inspired me.

Diamond Tiara is dead?
I know that was not the most gentle filly but I think it was just a coincidence.
However, I fear that Apple Bloom did not forgive her and get to do crazy.

2319048 The thing that everyone says when I make points that cannot be countered by reason.

When one truly doesn't care, one does not respond. Your response thus invalidates your claim!

Victory is mine!


After reading this, I think I should stop wishing that my cousin (bullied me since 2nd grade) would drop dead.

Great fanfic so far! :moustache:

I think this is a good example of "Be careful what you wish for."

actually i don't see any comments that explicitly say "nobody cares" so i just made sure that you knew:pinkiehappy:

This seems really interesting. I think I'm going to keep my eye on this. Have a like and a follow. :pinkiehappy:

Dude, you have the best stories on this site! How do you not have a million followers!? Followed.:pinkiehappy:

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