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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


Discord is beaten, the world is saved. But the scars you can't see take the longest to heal. Diamond Tiara hears the voice of Discord, and she is listening. Led along by the promise of her greatest desire, Discord will break her psyche piece by piece even as he teachers the fine art of mind games. After all, isn't a father who listens to her much better than a father who wants her to be nice to blank flanks?

Meanwhile, Celestia has a couple of her subjects face their true heart, and the changes and decisions these ponies have made cause some events you're familiar with to turn out better, OR WORSE!

What truly made Diamond Tiara into the little monster she is? Can anypony save her from becoming a big one? Silver Spoon continues to ask herself what it means to be a friend.


The Audio adaption Is here:
ORIGINAL fan-art, ORIGINAL fan-music and VOICE ACTORS galore await!

Recursive fanart and fan stories are here. http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/journal/MLP-FiM-Pony-POV-Series-Fanworks-audio-adaption-274110361 Many are rubber stamped by me as optional canon stories that reveal some of other sides of these stories.
Tropes page found here. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries
Fan Labor Pages here http://mlpfanart.wikia.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony_Fan_Labor_Wiki:Workshop/Pony_POV_Series_Season_Zero:_Discorded_Ponies and here. http://mlpfanart.wikia.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony_Fan_Labor_Wiki:Workshop/Pony_POV_Series_Season_One:_Reharmonization

The Song "Mind Games" is copyrighted by Hasbro, originally from the 80s cartoon Jem.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 314 )

Now we start seeing Discord's plans for Diamonds. And Filthy Rich got a harsh reality check concerning his family. I'm just waiting for Screwball to show up. I hope when all is said and done Screwball becomes Golden Tiara once more (then that entire family can go into conseling).


Telling you anything would be spoilers of course. Just have a tissue handy.

"Rarity sneezed. For some odd reason having a flash back to her time being kidnapped by Diamond Dogs."


Keh heh heh heh heh heh...



Never any fun for hounds like me... :fluttercry:

The way of Discordianism... one set of tools for managing reality. The way Discord is written in this story, he really knows his chaos, discord and confusion.


I don't get the joke with the screen shot.


That's the idea. And he's hammering it into Diamond Tiara one screw at a time.


Not a joke, just a screenie of a masked guy doing the Gendo Pose.

While one family member starts to climb out of the abyss, another is being pulled into it. Oy! And where is Screwball?


I promise she'll show up eventually.

Ouch... I gotta feel bad for Cruel when Shy fired back at her.


If I wrote this again now, I'd have her call Fluttercruel a 'parasite' rather than 'freeloader' since 'hitting them where it hurts' is New Fluttershy's mantra.


Uhh... didn't you? Or did you edit that before you posted it here?

1152724 Yeah, I saw her in this chapter. I couldn't stop laughing.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

But Sweetie Belle crying for Diamond Tiara? How did that happen?


Heh, is that so?

And the answer is what DIscord did to them both during the day of chaos and what they did to each other in that time.

Keh heh heh, I do believe Shiny Star struck gold with the Tiaras.

Good work, girls. I'm taking the three of you out to dinner once you wrap up your next assignment. :twilightsmile:

Who are these interviewers? What are they?


That's actually something that'll be answered at the VERY end of season SIX.



You didn't get it? Seriously? There is no way you're nine years (or more) my senior.

Looks like Filthy Rich is finally going to speak with Rarity. That ought to be real interesting. Glad to see Twist again.:twistnerd: The CMC plus three? I wonder how many more will join?:twilightoops: Maybe Cherilee should have started that after school club. At least, they might have adult supervision.:derpytongue2:


Very logical and amusing thoughts.

And I wish I never even heard of the Conversion setting. I feel like it's the pokemon fandom's war of 'pokemon training is evil' all over again, where those who disagree with you MUST be mentally challenged or blind, or some other negative that makes their point of view and opinion invalid. I suck completely at debate and it shows painfully when I get in any on the internet and sadly I am also VERY stubborn.

BTW: I ever go 'YOU WERE WRONG LOSER! NYA-NYA!' to a reader because their prediction of what was going to happen next were dead wrong, kick me.


So what pop culture reference did I miss?

It's winding down. Soon, Diamond will get to Discord's statue. Then what? How is Diamond supposed to free him?


You'll see. There's a reason he chose her.


Not pop culture as something else entirely. :twilightblush:

"BTW: I ever go 'YOU WERE WRONG LOSER! NYA-NYA!' to a reader because their prediction of what was going to happen next were dead wrong, kick me."

Iron Boots - ON

Odd... Discord is going sane.

:pinkiecrazy: Diamond Tiara......da gangsta killa yo.

My eyes hurt.:facehoof: The constant change of fonts and sizes got on my nerves. It was also kinda confusing.:applejackconfused: I had a bit of trouble following Tiara at that point.


And he can't be having that now can he? Not when he's doing such a perfect job of driving DIamond Tiara completely insane without one drop of magic or swirlie eyes.


Well, DIamond Tiara IS going insane. And also A LOT of the italics malfunctioned due to differences in html language on deviantart and fimfiction.net. I've repaired those now. It should be easier to read now. All of Neatly Spell's dialogue was supposed to be in itallic to symbolize Tiara was hallucinating her.

1192380 Diamond Tiara wailed, "I'M NOT A MURDERER!!"


"And yet look at you now, Tarnished Rich," the strange unicorn replied calmly. "So many fillies and colts who are going to have their mommies become sick just like yours, going through the same troubles you have. You're not a murderer, oh no. You're WORSE. A wayward sheep striving to be a shepherd, leading more and more lambs away, and then pushing them into the sea."

He stares at Diamond, his serene smile contrasting the points in his ears and the slitted pupils in his blue irises.

"You have a choice, Tarnished Rich," he says gently. "A fork in the road. The choice must be yours, and yours alone. So forgive me, or thank me if you choose, for taking the liberty of silencing him for the duration of this little thing. But will you still follow him? Or will you turn back and drown him out? I assure you by the name of the All-Father, both paths will lead to your dear mother's healing. The only difference, of course, is what also happens at the end of each road. So, as you noticed, both paths have the outcome you seek, so choose which one to take."


Oh, Heaven, I've had that scene cooped up in my head for a while now!

I see you were having trouble with the italics and whatever <hr> is. Anyway, No wonder that whole family is screwed-up. I'm beginning to think that Discord's Choas will actually help the Riches/Tiaras. Even though it seems to be taking Diamond a really long time to get to him.

"I see you were having trouble with the italics and whatever <hr> is. "

?! How did THAT happen? 0-0

"Anyway, No wonder that whole family is screwed-up. "

Which chapter do you refer to and what event?

" I'm beginning to think that Discord's Choas will actually help the Riches/Tiaras. "

????? 0-0

" Even though it seems to be taking Diamond a really long time to get to him. "

Discord has a lot to twist into her little brain, and she is one filly alone in all of Canterlot, well, ALMOST alone.


The filly interviewer tried that and Discord just kicked her out. And believe me,SHE is MUCH more than she appears.

Dammit, I thought I had words! Where'd they go!?

OK. It took me awhile to realize the doctors was their during Discord's reign of Chaos. I'm just trying to figure out why they were in the story. And where did you come up with the idea of 'Moth'.? And who are these interviewers? I feel I should know them somehow.


THey are in the story for Celestia to remind Rarity and Dash about how the psychologists are ponies too. And it was to address a question given to on the trope 'head-scratcher' page on what happened to the psychologists during the day of chaos and how they coped.

" And where did you come up with the idea of 'Moth'.? "

From the pictures that have a 'Bon-Bon clone' in them after Canterlot wedding and all the fanfics that have Bon-Bon as a changeling and decided to do my own take on it.

"And who are these interviewers?"

Will be revealed at the end of the next season.

"I feel I should know them somehow."

Maybe you're picking up on the clues.

Season 5 is now over, Discord is free and many questions have been both asked and answered now. Next season may give the answer to the biggest question: "Who are The Interviewers and what is their connection to the events that have and will occur?"


So, that is the choice you made.

That is fine, then. Since it was your own choice and not his, that gives it all the more meaning.

And now let us see where things will go from here.

(OoC: Interesting end to the season. How far off can we expect Season 6 to be?)

All that therapy down the drain. Friendships... possibly gone. Damn.

Because of the illusion of a choice, the corruption of a child's mind and an emotional insecurity of a nation, chaos will possibly reign again. Damn it.

This story is impressively well written.

So Diamond's mother's side is decendant from Discord. Yet another unexpected twist...bummer. And it looks like Discord actually kept his word. Screwball is now Golden Tiara again. So...how long until season six is posted and is it the last chapter?:pinkiecrazy:


And that's is why I was hesitant to continue this at first, because my OC is also much more than he seems, even for a visitor from offworld.

(Re-posting since I can't seem to find it and IDK if it was posted)

These interviewers are. . .odd. And slightly disturbing. And it's just been getting weirder since everypony just accepts that they're there, but *who* are they, where did they come from, and why do they tell everypony a different story of why they're there?

And now that Dissy is free. . .the fun can really begin.


Season six . . . is what ties season zero with the rest of the series, and is two storylines going on at the same time!

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