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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?



This story is a sequel to The Public Life of Sweetie Belle

Alone. All alone.

The daughter of Sweetie Belle, Joyous Blossom, finds herself in the custody of the princesses after the events of The Public Life of Sweetie Belle. Now with the knowledge that she holds eating away at her, will she do the right thing and admit her guilt or will she let Sweetie Belle continue to suffer for her sins?

Threequel to The Secret Life of Rarity

Cover art is once again by http://reporter-derpy.deviantart.com/

Now with a TVTropes page!!

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Chapter one of Broken Blossom. I have such sights to show you. I think more than once your jaw will hit the floor. Or that could be me over hyping it. You never know.


Owch, right in the feels. Poor Blossom. I knew this feel growing up more than once. But, I'm of the opinion that those more broken when they grow shine brightest. Here's hoping that Blossom will be the same.

I'm quite looking forward to this one. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work!


I have high hopes for this story.
I want more now! :flutterrage:

You're not allowed to make me this sad in so few paragraphs. It's just not allowed.

Also, I too want more.

I'll be needing another box of tissues for when the next chapter comes... :fluttercry:

It is rare that a story gets faved before reading in my case.


Damn... poor Blossom! She needs her mommy! Sadly, it seems that fate remains cruel, and she will be denied the love she is in need of.

I think we're going to find out if Princesses can feel guilt. They must realize what they're putting her through, and I'm interested to see how they all cope with it. The ending of this chapter was great: warm in her own corner with her mother and rejecting the bed. Rebel against Celestia! Viva la revolucion!

Damnit, you and your iron grip on my feels! Faved!

Wow... already one chapter in and I'm emotionally distraught (though didn't cry... much, at least due to the chapter itself). Of course, that's probably cause unlike when I started The Public Life of Sweetie Belle, I read the prequel to this one fully and am aware of events as they transpired. Hopefully, if Celestia or Luna sees the sight in the next chapter, it'll tug at their heartstrings like Kaidan said.

Curious to see if the other ponies'll visit while Joyous Blossom is being 'held' by Celestia and Luna, though not sure why had it written from her POV at one point that wouldn't see her mother again, but I'm guessing they didn't tell Blossom yet about possible (even though sure it's going to be guaranteed, even if you seemed to imply won't get one such scene, but not sure why Sweetie Belle's tagged then, same with the Mane 6 if won't get a visit from Rarity again) visiting rights, those meanies. :twilightangry2: Also curious to see how she'll act in coming chapters, if she'll have an anger fit like some ponies have done throughout the course of this series (or at least, the prequel to this one). And what goes through her mind as well, even if may be more or less the same as here, possibly and will focus more on what stuff happens while she's in Canterlot. :fluttershysad: Anyway, tracking heck of a lot sooner than the prequel (:twilightblush:) and somewhat looking forward to the next chapter currently.

Blossom :raritydespair: aunt rarity is so sad for you *Kill the princesses, blossom. Kill...*

The doll is gonna start talking to Blossom. That's how these things work, right? :pinkiecrazy:

You.. You made me feel feelings. :fluttercry:

Welp, faved your other two, might as well fave this one, right? :pinkiesmile:

2073544 Sounds logical to me.

Isn't that a bit early to be feeling feelings? I mean, this is more or less a starter/prologue chapter, and there wasn't anything especially heartbreaking here.

2073689 Except for her transforming the doll into an image of her mother so she could pretend her mother was holding her instead of facing the fact that she was alone.

This is so sweet! Well, it's incredibly depressing and short, but the part with her stuffed mother; no, that sounds bad. The stuffed animal is cute.

Feel ALL the feels! :fluttercry:

Anyways, off to a great start. Loved the first 2, can't wait for more of the threequel.

So sad:fluttercry: I hope Blossom gets to see her mom soon (And leave those horrible princesses)

Bloody brilliant! I still believe there is no bad story you can write.

awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. moar... but not in the feels plz


I've known the fear of losing a mother, so it might just be me. Either way, keep up the good work!

The fact that the only tag for this story is "Tragedy" speaks volumes. I look forward to reading more of this, but I know that ultimately it will not end well for Blossom. I can only hope that every pony learns their lessons, and that would include the Princesses as well. :twilightsmile:

2072798 Celestia? Feel guilt? In this story, she's a total fucking whore. I hope she dies to be honest.

2077720 er... why do you think that?

2077723 Because she's essentially stealing a child. If I were Twilight, I would've bitch-slapped her :twilightsheepish:

2077729 Well you gotta keep in mind that in the entire history of Equestria, this situation has come along exactly zero times. They also still vaguely suspect that Blossom might have a hoof in the murders so they're keeping an eye on her. Remember, they said that the most likely course of action is that they'll keep her for a short time and then give her to Twilight or the Apples. It's more of an M1 hold than stealing her.

2077736 Still, Celestia is always a bitch, even if she isn't :rainbowlaugh:

Nothing like a big brother giving rides to cheer a little girl up.


She had always been good at sneaking around and not getting caught.

I can imagine that this will be of great use to her later. :pinkiecrazy:

Blossom escaping two alicorn princesses. This calls for an epic music with the same title as this chapter...


Sorry. Used an iPad for the song link



Blossom escaping two alicorn princesses. This calls for an epic music with the same title as this chapter...

Well, going in despite the title of the chapter, I was a bit worried. With the length and all, had thought you'd build it up a bit more, etc. *sighs* Poor Blossom... already we see just how cruel the world is being to her and making her feel, even if it's not hard to see why. :applecry: I had hoped she WOULD escape, but figures you wouldn't let it be THAT easy. :facehoof: And I'm sure any future attempts will be shot down before they can even happen now or that she'll stop herself from doing so.

Nice to see some familiar faces, such as Fancy Pants (as I prefer to call him and/or think his name may actually be) and Shining Armor (even if outside of this moment, only had one other major/overall appearance in this series and thought would be one of the Princesses at first, like others probably). And almost thought Blossom had somehow mustered a spell that would do some damage, despite previous stating of her knowing no such magic that would be helpful, but I forgot. :twilightblush: Imagine someone's probably going to pay for the guard's hasty actions, if we'll see such a thing or briefly covers it in the next chapter (if comes out soon, that is). Also noting that she lied once again, despite what her mother told her just before she was taken away; hopefully it's not the start of something that's a bad habit for her, if won't be just one of many. :pinkiecrazy: And that at least the Princesses're sticking to (for the moment) avoiding using mind-reading magic like Twilight sorta did in The Secret Life of Rarity when she first learned of Rarity's past and current actions then, to find the truth (even though I'm now questioning the logic, as if they let one prisoner go convicted of murder(s), would it really spawn more killers if they're rare to begin with? But I suppose to them, better safe than sorry).

Anyway, doing a great job BronyWriter, even if I should not be allowed to feel such pain for a character that we sorta barely know, but know what she's going through, which is worse than when Sweetie Belle was first on her own without Rarity. :fluttershyouch: Well, looking forward to next chapter, even if again, may not have any such anger directed by Joyous Blossom at the (two) Princess(es); at least like I'm hoping to see at some point. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Sweetie_Belle_lolface.png :fluttercry:

Uuuuuhhh! a picture of blossom, is thinner than I thought (more like Fluttershy), the artist did a good job with the shading.

About the story, a unsuccessful escape less, but still lack more. Never give up Blossom trust your instincts.

Shining Armor has just restored my faith a little. I've been in a bad state all evening, but after reading this tonight, I think maybe I can finally sleep tonight.

Thank you.

The guards caught blossom without bringing any physical harm, just as celestia ordered.
Technically they didn't do anything wrong.

2083655 And that's gonna be their defense. They still caused her an obscene amount of emotional harm, though. You don't do that to a 7 year old.

I enjoyed this chapter. My suspicion that Luna suspected Blossom is confirmed, and you showed that Celestia isn't heartless but just doing her duty. She was even so trusting that she left the foal unguarded. While i don't expect any change in the princesses attitudes, I expect Shining Armor has just become her first friend in Canterlot. It will be interesting to see them interact, it seems like you are setting him up to be her link back to her old life in Ponyville.

Here's a question for you, how did you come up with the story line for the threequel? I'm writing a story myself and I have a beginning and an end, but try as I might I can't sort out the middle. Seeing how you have continued a story from Rarity down to Blossom, I was hoping you could shed light on how you figure out where you want your story to go. Is it a matter of meticulous planning for you, or do you begin writting with a goal in mind and just let the story write itself?

2083723 Stories evolve as you write them. Write the beginning and see where it goes from there. Constantly toss around storylines, even if you think they're dumb a variation could be exactly what you're looking for.

When I started Rarity, I was planning on a 'screw it, let's make the next Cupcakes and use the series antagonists' but I decided to give her a backstory and voila, it turned into the character study that it is now. I didn't know she was going to be executed until the Elements of Harmony cleansing. I didn't know about the chapter with the mother and her filly until after I had written the Flim/Flam chapter. Her being cleansed with the Elements? Figured that one out in the middle.

With Sweetie Belle, I had such a long break because I had no freaking idea where I was going. I hadn't conceived the character of Blossom and even after I had, the original intentions were far different. My original plan was always for Blossom to kill, but I originally planned for her to be very proud to be like her Aunt Rarity. Sweetie Belle was going to take the blame, but she was going to be executed in Blossom's place. I didn't even have Blossom's name until right before I typed it.

Not a Brony? I had nothing planned out before the final line of the first chapter and I kind of disliked the success it was getting. Do I adore the story now? Oh heck yes.

So stories evolve a lot. I think we can all agree that the original drafts I had would have worked out as well as George Lucas' original Star Wars drafts. Let it evolve on its own time.

2083110 Well with the mind reading, Twilight entered Sweetie Belle's mind at first to fix something. When she altered her mind, then obviously it came back to really bite her in the plot to the point where it almost cost her her life. when she did it with Rarity, yes she wanted to know what happened, but it was still a morally wrong thing to do and the princesses aren't willing to cross that line.

Thanks, that's good advice. I've been trying to plan everything out and doing a lot of speculation. Then I can't write the chapters to fit into my outline. So I will try writing 1 chapter at a time and see how the story evolves. It seemed to work out well for you since you didn't have a master plan from the start :scootangel:

I'm hoping that things soon get straightened out, since seeing Blossom run around in fear is a bit frustrating. I'm not sure how you're going to advance the plot of the story from here, but good luck.

eeek. for a moment I thought Blossom was going to accidentally kill that guard somehow. :pinkiegasp: all the same, I'm scared of how things are going to be from here. :fluttercry:

Worth the wait?
You can bet on it, BronyWriter, i love how you write!!

hmmmm.....Now I was never sure if the sighting of Rarity from the second series was sweetie's mind playing tricks or if Rare came back from the grave, but....I have an odd feeling that some other ghostly visitors are gonna show up ....but that is just me

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