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This story is a sequel to The Secret Life of Rarity

After the events of The Secret Life of Rarity, Sweetie Belle must find a way to cope in a world that she does not understand anymore.

There is a threequel too.

Now with a TVTropes page!!!

Cover art by the wonderful Viofriedsebe

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 939 )

Instafave! Poor Sweetie...

I'm curious to see what will unfold.

You never disappoint!:pinkiehappy:
Sequel... yay:yay:
Also, I hope Celestia's actions come back to bite her... maybe discord escapes and nopony will wield the elements of harmony because the element bearers are either dead(Rarity) or refuse to(The rest)

There ya go! Good work with the feels, you definitely made it full of sorrow, and all round rather morose. Just what I expected! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in this story, although that Tragedy tag makes me excited for what you have up your sleeve!

No dark tag on this one eh? I take it that means Sweetie Belle won't be Rarity 2.0.

1266874 You never know. I don't 100% know either. If I learned anything from writing The Secret Life of Rarity it's that the story leads you. I do have stuff planned (including a pretty awesome ending if I do say so myself) but one never truly does know...

You know, you never did get around to addressing why the elemnts of harmony chose Rarity. That would be an interesting story all in itself.

just a thought for the future...


"Absolutely terribly," said Scootaloo dryly.

*double face-hoof*

Again, I must say that HOW DO YOU UPLOAD SO FAST?! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Sweetie_happy.png

Poor Sweetie, that's the last thing she needs right now.

"I'm only eight years old! What in Equestria could I do to any of you!?"
Isn't she around 11 now? As I recall, at least three years passed in the first story

1275226 you're right...Let's fix that



You'll need to fix this one too. :twilightsmile: Interesting series, curious to see where you're going with it. I just hope it doesn't end in cupcakes... :pinkiecrazy:

Sweetie Belle talks an awful lot like an adult. Just a thought. Good story, I want to see more.

I really hope you don't make Sweetie Belle into another serial killer. :(

Aww. I like that Derpy was there to protect her. Though I hoped that the filly was Scootaloo, not some random. Still, good update!

1298970 I dunno, I just thought it would be more tragic, yet beautiful in its own way, if the filly was the sister of the one pony that Sweetie Belle DID have something to do with.

1298987 Oh, yeah, I liked that bit. I just meant that's who I imagined when you first said the filly was pushing through the crowd. I am surprised that Twi didn't say anything to the crowd harassing Sweetie too, but I like the way you wrote this chapter. I did like that you added in the sister of the pony she did kill. I didn't mean to make it seem like I didn't.

The sister of the one pony whose murder Sweetie was involved in, and is responsible for, even if she can't remember, defends her...:rainbowlaugh:

As always, a great chapter, though one problem.
I noticed that it would probably be simpler if Sweetie Belle's parents had names, rather than being "Sweetie Belle's father/mother."
Keep it up!

1307298 Yeah, there are a few things with that: 1. I have no idea what to call them and 2. They're only important to the story as her parents (much in the same way that Calvin's parents from Calvin and Hobbes never had names)

Good point.
It took a while, but I found their names on the wiki. It doesn't matter whether you include their names, but their names are Pearl and Magnum.

Bravo good chap! I wish I could give you more praise for these two great stories, but it would start to lose meaning after a while. I would also run out of adjectives for the praise I would like to give anyway. Don't get me wrong, still a great chapter, I just don't want to overuse the "amazing"s and the "spectacular"s, so, I'll just say what I normally do, keep on writing!

Scootaloo looked up from her hug with her new big sister and looked directly at Scootaloo

I think that should be Sweetie Belle.

But awesome story thus far!

1347253 Oh yeah, good point. Did you read the original?

1347267 Yup, a fantastically brutal, yet sad story!

1347299 No problem, it's really hard to blend those two things together well, and I won't even attempt it, as I'd fail, since I'm more of the romantic, adventurous type anyways. See what I did there?

Now just how the hell aren´t this story and The secret life of Rarity featured? This is a work of magnificence surpassing Cupcakes (and maybe even every other story on fimfiction) by a long shot - you stayed true to the character, put several twists into the story, didn´t focus too much on gore (like cupcakes and it´s spin-offs did) and even managed to incorporate it into the cannon! Furthermore, you even killed Rarity which, while horrible (i think everybody secretly wished she survived) managed to give the story an impact - I mean usually the dead character just comes back from the dead and similiar nonsense.
The only flaw I managed to find was your use of "Deus ex machina" (in this instance a forget spell) to get Rarity out of a tight spot - it seemed like you wrote a chapter and later decided that you want the story to take a different turn.
I´m looking forward to the next chapter and hope that The public life of Sweetie Belle will be just as great as The secret life of Rarity.

P.S.: You realy need to advertise this somehow, maybe write to Eqd? I mean I found this randomly while browsing - I wasn´t even looking for a grimdark story! (but I´m glad I found it)

1358328 Well if you recall, the 'forget' spell completely backfired. I wanted to show that there were no easy solutions for getting out of what she did, even if she thought that they were. Was it a tad DEM? Maybe, but it didn't work in the end.

Eqd didn't want to take TSLOR because of the heavy gore, but I haven't tried with Sweetie Belle. I don't know if they take sequels if they won't take the original but I haven't tried. I'd want to run it by a few editors first before I would try to submit it.

All that to say, I'm so glad that you loved this story! I know that the gore of the original (particularly chapters 6, 7, and 8) turns some people off (I've had a few people stop reading after 7) but if you liked that it was merely a part of the story rather than the reason behind it, then thanks! I hope you like what I have planned for Sweetie Belle.

Well, the forget spell did backfire, but it all felt a bit forced - I mean at first it was a regular spell with no further desription, but the suddenly in the next chapter it started being complex with nasty side effects (It just really felt like you included Sweetie Belle, then changed your mind and included a forget spell and then changed it again and added the side effect)... Hmm, I guess I´m beginning to be annoying so I´ll just say that I didn´t mean any offence, I just found this particular part of the story interesting.

Eqd: This seems a bit unfair - they did feature Cupcakes which had about 3 times more gore than this and even some spin-offs (2 of them I think). I undestand that they are trying to keep a sex and gore free environment, but can´t they just make a separate cathegory? I mean if some child wants to see some gore today then it will find it anyway (probably in 30 second and in full HD).

I´m not turnad away by gore, I´m turned away when the story starts to revolve only about gore (I liked Cupcakes since it was the first time I saw a story like that, but most of the spin-offs are just the same thing with a different name). I´m not really sure what you plan for Sweetie Belle - she´ll either become a serial killer too or she´ll just try to get the town to accept her again (it´s hard to tell this early in the story but I´d probably bet on killer Sweetie (mainly because it seems like a much more interesting theme)). In conclusion I will most certainly read all of the upcoming chapters and probably keep writing these insanely long comments :twilightsheepish:

1360480 It's because of Cupcakes that they have a no heavy gore rule. Still though, I agree that it is a bit ridiculous (although some chapters of mine do have some serious gore in them).

This really isn't an EqD sort of story, IMO, either of them. It's the kind of thing people should find when browsing the Grimdark tag at 3am, or searching the site for "serial killer." A hidden gem, as it were. Now, if it were to hit the Featured box, that would be another thing.

This story is too intimately tied to TSLOR to be worth reading without having read the first, and that's what will keep it off EqD. That doesn't negate the fact that it's a gut-wrenchingly real-feel story that is well worth reading, for those that have the stomach. Sorta like watching Dexter, or lately, The Mentalist.

So it begins... Again

Sweetie has a case for self-defence, but I think that nopony is going to listen.

A good choice to jump ahead.

i really hope the story doesnt end with sweetie doing the same thing, for me it will be so cliche

Nice chapter, though that large time jump surprised me. for one wouldn´t mind if Sweetie actually killed someone - Rarity killed because she was a psycho, however Sweetie would kill because she had to (which, since you focus on the thoughts of the killer would make a HUGE difference). However, it seems like this story will be about Sweetie trying to prove herself innocent and to clear her name - I just hope you wont fall into a cliche (despised => attacks someone for some reason => court => found innocent => despised even more => a disaster occurs and she saves the whole town => beloved hero). But then again, you´ll probably surprise me anyway somehow. :raritywink:

Chapter: Nicely depicted rumors and urban legends, that part with truth or dare was great. After inviting Brewer inside it was pretty predictable, but I guess there was just no avoiding that. Overall: great chapter

She asked him to leave multiple times, then he attacked her.
She can get out on self defence, and it doesn't help his case that he was drunk.
First thing I thought, just thought I would put it here.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but....

That's the definition of irony right there.

Pretty sure that's right on the button.

Granted, I believe I just summoned a Grammar Nazi to lecture us all on the textbook definition of "irony," but that gives us a golden opportunoity to intentionally use the wrong your/you're to torment them, that's always fun.

Nice chapter, didn´t expect Sweetie would actually go seek a therapist.

Hopefully this will turn out better than that time Rarity saw a therapist.

1392603 One would hope so


YAY! :o
can I request something to happen in the story, too?


The friends can't handle the grieving, so they go to therapy too. But that made them worse, and they turned to be like Rarity.

Pinkamena etc

I dunno. This randomly occured

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