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Tea! I love tea. Detest the taste of coffee. Tea, though, I drink about three to four cups a day.

Tea or coffee?

Thanks man/wo-man, I appreciate that :) And worry not, I'm... wise enough? to not feel pressured by people over this. It should be fun. And it is! But that doesn't mean I don't care, and it's because I do that it makes me feel bad I haven't been so prompt. Especially since this story cut off RIGHT where it seemed to be going somewhere.

I hope you keep in mind that any delays you have because of mental shit aren't your fault. I've had that shit happen, where you feel awful, can't get shit done because of it, then feel worse because of it. Anyone who matters won't want you beating yourself up because you don't quite feel up to entertaining us internet numpties on any given day.


I mean physically I'm fine, mentally is questionable. But I'm on the fucking cusp of being done editing the next chapter for The Broken Bond and I'm just... ugh. I'm getting there but know that not a day went by where I was proud of the pace I was going.

  • Viewing 318 - 322 of 322
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