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Commissions are open. · 7:53pm August 24th

Well, here I am and here it is, commissions are finally open for anyone interested. Info on my homepage.

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Commission Info

Commission Info

Hello there, Ekhidna here. I have been writing for several years on Fimfiction and currently working on private projects. Over the years I have grown and gained experience as a writer, and thus, I wish to utilize my talent for both my benefit and the delight of others. If you have an idea for a story you wish to bring into fruition, but for some reason cannot do it yourself, feel free to contact me through my Emails or via Private Messages through Fimfiction. I can guarantee the complete anonymity of my commissioners if so they wish to.

Commissions are *OPEN*

The standard price is 10$ per 1k words.

Emails: EkhidnaWritez@hotmail.com and mlpfimspikefan@gmail.com

Feel like supporting me if you like what I do? Feel free to invite me a Ko-Fi! or become a Patreon! I also have a Paypal account for direct payments.

Note: Will NOT write anything related to: Scat, Snuff, Cockvore, Analvore, Necrophilia, Diaper, Overly Massive Body Parts (gigantic breasts, penises, and/or asses that are bigger than the character). Aside from that, everything else goes as long as it is bound by the page/forum/server where you want your story to be posted, although that is left for the commissioner to decide.

*May add more in the future*.

Have a nice day/night!

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But two of them were already done.

I deleted three of them as I felt I could no longer continue them.

Where are your other stories, my friend? I feel like three of them are missing.

Thanks for the offer, and if I decide to perform a midquel, I shall contact you for that OC.


I was curious about the sickness. What kind of a fool would actually create a curse that damages its intended target’s abilities to reproduce? Seems a bit conntdt productive but I’m guessing the initial curse wasn’t intended to do that and a thousand years caused it?

We have seen Viking ponies in the show. If you do decide to do a story of the campaign into Hraljord then I can offer an actual Norse Pony for you to use. Ofærr Stjarnagarm. A Faker. He is every bit as Viking as you can get. Like Olaf in some ways unless you count him caring that age old curse of Lycanthropy and as such secluding himself in the Forests that cover most of the northern border between Equestria and The Empire. If interested I can give you a full rundown on this character for your use.

That being said I can actually understand Torch’es motivations a lot better now. Though what would happen if ponies wanted to live in the dragon lands? I always wondered if dragons could potentially imbue ponies with their own draconic magic.

  • Viewing 384 - 388 of 388
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