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Hobby writer and potentially a complete future one aswell!

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Happy 2022! · 2:56am January 2nd

Everyone, happy new years and happy 2022! Let us hope this year is better than the last!

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Commission Info

Commission Info

Hello there, Ekhidna here. I have been writing for several years on Fimfiction, taking minor commissions here and there and working on my own projects. Over the years I have grown and gained experience as a writer, and thus, I wish to utilize my talent to craft more stories. If you have an idea for a story you wish to bring to fruition, but for some reason cannot do it yourself, feel free to contact me through my Email or via Private Messages through Fimfiction or here. I can guarantee the complete anonymity of my commissioners if so they wish to.

Commissions are *On Hiatus.*

The standard price is 12$ per 1k words.

I also do translations of any existing work, baring you own it or have permission to use it, from Spanish-To-English and English-To-Spanish.

The standard price for translations is 12$ per 2K words.

Emails: mlpfimspikefan@gmail.com
Discord: Ekhidna#3131

Feel like supporting me if you like what I do? Feel free to invite me a KOFI!

Note: Will NOT write anything NSFW related, not anything including themes of, but not limited to: incest, watersports, super inflation, wardrobe morphing, scat, necrophilia, and abuse.

Have a nice day/night!

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Due to interpersonal decisions, I decided to change my portafolio.

Yeah I noticed that too, why are they gone?

Excuse me, but did you delete some of your fics?

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