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Da Movie! (No want spoilers? No enter here!) · 2:46am October 5th

I saw the movie.

I liked it. A LOT.

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PM that shit to me, bro!

I got an idea for your Rise of Equestria: Side stories if you're interested bro

Tis okay bro. Not your fault.

How did that happen? I know for a fact I never touched the block button. Why would I in the first place? Ok, should be good. Must have some bucking how hit the button on accident. I'm sorry.

No. I do not. And with things are going with my work and tight schedule, I can barely write at all these days.

(Besides, if I were to take commissions, I have NO IDEA what a fair price would be for set amount of words, since most writers commission that way, and I also don't have a direct paypal or other means to actually get paid for them. So far, I have done only one commission, so.... yeah. As for requests, I only take them when I open a poll or host a special event.)

  • Viewing 324 - 328 of 328
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