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A bit late, but happy 10th anniversary! · 1:27am October 12th

Here's to ten years of pony awesomeness and to many more to come!

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Commission Info

Commission Info

Hello there, Ekhidna here. I have been writing for several years on Fimfiction and currently working on private projects. Over the years I have grown and gained experience as a writer, and thus, I wish to utilize my talent for both my benefit and the delight of others. If you have an idea for a story you wish to bring to fruition, but for some reason cannot do it yourself, feel free to contact me through my Emails or via Private Messages through Fimfiction. I can guarantee the complete anonymity of my commissioners if so they wish to.

Commissions are *CLOSED for the moment as the list is full*

The standard price is 12$ per 1K words.

I also do translations of any existing work, baring you own it or have permission to use it, from Spanish-To-English and English-To-Spanish.

The standard price for translations is 12$ per 2K words.

Emails: EkhidnaWritez@hotmail.com and mlpfimspikefan@gmail.com
Discord: Ekhidna#3131

Feel like supporting me if you like what I do? Feel free to invite me a Ko-Fi!

Note: Will NOT write anything related to: Scat, Snuff, Cockvore, Analvore, Necrophilia, Diaper, Overly Massive Body Parts (gigantic breasts, penises, and/or asses that are bigger than the character), inflation, wardrobe metamorphosis (wearing something and transforming into something else/clothes taking control of one's body). Aside from that, everything else goes as long as it is bound by the page/forum/server where you want your story to be posted, although that is left for the commissioner to decide.

*May add more in the future*.

Have a nice day/night!

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Quick questions about commissions for when they open up again:
Could they be paid for in installments, or would it need to be all at once?

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, awesome possum!

Sorry for the mistake then. Would highly recommend watching Re:zero, it has easily some of the best writing I've ever seen in anime.

Nope. I haven't actually watched Re:Zero aside from small clips. And I didn't know the Witch's name until very recently. I always knew her as 'The Witch'. Ekhidna is the name of an ancient dragon goddess.

Quick question, is your username based off Echidna from Re:zero? Just curious.

  • Viewing 403 - 407 of 407
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