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Editing doesn't stop when something is published; that's only the start of getting reader feedback.

Epub Converter status

Nyerguds's Fimfiction to Epub converter
Latest version: 1.14.8
Release date: 08-Sep-2016 20:35 (GMT+1, DST)
This tool now requires the .Net framework v4.5!

(feel free to post comments/requests :)

Latest changes:
-Upgraded the whole program to use the .Net framework v4.5, to support newer HTTPS protocol.
-The settings screen now has a connection timeout setting.
-Added startup check on required components.

[Full change log]
[Dev folder]


Bio? Umm... I dunno. I like ponies?

What do you mean, that's not enough?

Right. My name is Nyerguds. That's pronounced Knee-Air-Goods, though the knee-air bit is sort of one syllable, and the "air" part is more like the first part of "[err]or", really. Like "Njet!", only with an R at the end. Am I still making sense? I doubt it, but, whatever. IPA should be: 'nʲerɡʊdz

I am Aficionado of the Written Word, Certified Grammar and Spelling Nazi, and have recently found myself shanghaied into prereadership because of that. Together with my regular tracked story updates, this leaves me with little to no time to actually write.

Contrary to what my grasp of the English language might make one expect, I am Belgian, meaning that besides the English (which isn't in any way an official language to me) I am officially trilingual, with Dutch (Flemish, actually) as mother tongue, French as semi-fluent secondary language, and German clinging onto the corners of my brain solely supported by its similarity to Dutch.

For the rest... I'm a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria, and I often hang out on the irc chat of fallout-equestria.com.

Besides ponies, I spend my time digging through the binary bowels of the first Command & Conquer games. At least, when I'm not busy programming to make a living.

My best work

  • Flitter One changeling was already inside Canterlot... and he was as surprised as the ponies were. by Nyerguds 27,406 words · 28,850 views · 3,022 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Fallout Equestria: The Daily Unlife "Live a little, they say. Easier said than done." Lemon Frisk, a 220-year-old Canterlot ghoul, leaves Stable One looking for the Meaning of Unlife. by Nyerguds 123,218 words · 4,891 views · 294 likes · 21 dislikes

Random Game Review: Beyond Eyes · 11:13am June 24th

Welp. Looks like I once again dove into my Steam library looking for small cute things to play, and I found Beyond Eyes! I honestly don't remember how I got this game. Either it was part of some Humble Bundle, or I just stumbled on it in the Steam store and thought it looked interesting.

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My Latest Work

Stories I've had a hand (hoof?) in

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Maybe we argued somewhere. :trollestia:

It's the patch everyone plays C&C on :raritywink:

And, I dunno. I often comment on topics in the Writer's Group forum, so that could be it? I'm also group admin in the Fallout: Equestria group, but I dunno if you even hang out there.


Yeah, but that's the patch I play C&C on. You are also the guy who found the unused wheeled vehicle logic in Tiberian Dawn. I was looking for that vid, and when I finally found it, I was like "hey, don't I know this guy from FimFic?" :rainbowlaugh:

On that note, where do I know you from here? Comments on one of my fics, perhaps?

Yup. There's only one of me. Same username, and if possible, same avatar, absolutely everywhere. :twilightsmile:

I don't have that many C&C vids on youtube though, lol. And the C&C95 patch can handle a lot more than just Win7 :moustache:

Is it actually possible that you are the same guy who made the patch that lets you play Tiberian Dawn on Windows 7? And also the guy with all the C&C vids on YouTube?

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