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"The changeling looked at the foal much like a space explorer would look at an alien life form. He resisted the urge to prod it." - Flitter

Epub Converter status

If you want to download stories as proper epub, I advise you to check out the excellent plugin created by djazz:


My own Fimfiction to Epub converter has been decommissioned after the big Fimfiction update at the end of 2017. I honestly didn't see the point of putting a lot of effort into adapting it to the vast changes in the fimfic systems. Djazz already did all that, and his tool produces much nicer-looking epub files than mine ever had.


Bio? Umm... I dunno. I like ponies?

What do you mean, that's not enough?

Right. My name is Nyerguds. That's pronounced Knee-Air-Goods, though the knee-air bit is sort of one syllable, and the "air" part is more like the first part of "[err]or", really. Like "Njet!", only with an R at the end. Am I still making sense? I doubt it, but, whatever. IPA should be: 'nʲerɡʊdz

I am Aficionado of the Written Word, Certified Grammar and Spelling Nazi, and have recently found myself shanghaied into prereadership because of that. Together with my regular tracked story updates, this leaves me with little to no time to actually write.

Contrary to what my grasp of the English language might make one expect, I am Belgian, meaning that besides the English (which isn't in any way an official language to me) I am officially trilingual, with Dutch (Flemish, actually) as mother tongue, French as semi-fluent secondary language, and German clinging onto the corners of my brain solely supported by its similarity to Dutch.

For the rest... I'm a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria, and I often hang out on the Post-Apocalyptic Emporium server on Discord.

Besides ponies, I spend my time digging through the binary bowels of the first Command & Conquer games. At least, when I'm not busy programming to make a living.


Feeling silly, so here's a silly song. · 10:10am Oct 28th, 2021

A silly song with some profound meaning, from one of the most amazing entertainers that my humble homeland of Flanders has to offer.

(no, not the guy on the thumbnail. Though that's his long-term partner-in-crime)

The song's in Dutch, so I decided to make a translation of it. It's not a literal translation; I made it more or less fit the meter and rhyme, while preserving its essence.

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Thanks for the fave.

I think I found you on YouTube. I mean, who else would have your profile pic? :derpytongue2: It's very unique.

Yes! That's what it was! I had one that had these 1/4 circle parts from this flying saucer that included a robotic figure, and one with parts from this light-up locust thing that included the armor and helmet. Those parts all either became part of sci-fi or fantasy setups.

  • Viewing 140 - 144 of 144
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