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"The changeling looked at the foal much like a space explorer would look at an alien life form. He resisted the urge to prod it." - Flitter



"Live a little, they say. Easier said than done."

These are the voyages of the Canterlot ghoul Lemon Frisk. His mission: to find the Meaning of Unlife. His continuing perils: crazed raiders, feral ghouls, overzealous rangers, deranged robots, and a mare who won't stop poking him.

Set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria, by Kkat.

Audio book:
The Daily Unlife Day 0 to 4 on YouTube (by NitoKa)

Download: (warning - E-books include the explicit "Night Eight" chapter :raritywink:)
The Daily Unlife E-book in epub format (936 KiB)
The Daily Unlife E-book in pdf format (4.32 MiB)
TDU Media Pack: all the stuff linked to from the story and more, to enjoy all of the story offline (16.49 MiB)

Russian version:
Fallout Equestria: Обыденная нежизнь on ponyfiction.org, translated by TL082CP.
Audio book on YouTube by Diogenus.

Spanish version:
Fallout Ecuestria. El desvivir diario on DeviantArt, translated by SPANIARD KIWI.

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This is pretty good it deserves a much better rating!

Very good story countinue this story

wow this is actually a really good fict ive gone over i dont know how many fallout ficts but i really can see a great future for your fict ill pas this along and youve got a watch from me
Hi there!

I see your FOE side-fic, and would recommend heading over here:

Its essentially a doc about everything side-fic, including compilations, a little art, and a whole lot of fun.

Hope to see you over there!

Good so far although in the previous chapters you used molten instead of melted. Tracked!

My mind is pulsing with awesomeness!!!!

Interesting story. There were some mechanical errors here and there, but I'd still call it above average. One other thing, though: I'd think that the citizens of Tenpony Tower would be just as interested in skin care products as the Society.

Huh. Interesting story, nice main character, funny companion, intriguing plot and original perks. Tracking!

Lol. Nice to see BORING WASTELAND for once. Really, the way other stories describe it, you can't trot a few steps without finding old treasure, raider, camp, village, old factory or something else. But good ol' Boring Guy Lemon surely knows how to make wastelands real boring. Good work! Keep it up!

Wow, thanks for all the comments! I basically just started writing this because I was bored and didn't find any ghoul-centered stories :)

It was posted there before I even made a fimfic account. In fact, I wouldn't have written it without the people there encouraging me (especially Artemiev and Mimezinga) :p

I don't think either word is incorrect, actually. Fixed 'em.

Hmm, yeah, perhaps you're right. Do remember though, he's often trying to keep up the Wise Old Stallion routine without actually having seen the wasteland. He read a lot in the Guide and heard some stuff from travellers, but even then, since he was a scavenger, he was probably not even there most of the time when stuff actually got sold to outsiders. Basically, he just hogged the stuff when he found it, and did notice the other ghoul scavengers didn't seem to care much.
Of course, his "job" was mostly just a hobby anyway. Canterlot ghouls don't actually need anything to survive.

The "boring wastelands" mostly grew from me focusing more on dialogue than on the travelling, but it made a funny meta-joke, especially when combined with the perk ;)


Just a note to everypony here... this story is completely character driven. If it ever gets an overbearing plot (the story kind, you pervs), I assure you it will be entirely by accident. And before you ask, yes, that has happened before (in some of my totally non-MLP-related writings)

so far i'm liking your character, so it's not a problem.

Thanks! Yeah, that's pretty much the reason I started writing it :)

Genius. Cave Johnsson's joke, thanks for that. Lemon Frisk - crisis manager - works very good, and I finally found fanfic where Scootaloo's decision blamed and she rightly called a monster, because that's what she became. Thank you for that too. And for zebra-pony community. All fanfic here - pure gold, please stand that way.

squishy? really now? That's how you describe a zombie? I'm amazed. All things considered, five stars!

Thanks! The "squishy" is a direct reference to how Littlepip described the hug she got from Ditzy Doo in FO:E :scootangel:

This is basically about the same joke as the one Project Horizons did about the taste of Rad-Away; Littlepip hated the stale artificial oranges taste, Blackjack thought it was awesome and could easily be marketed as soda. So I got a character who thinks zombie-squishiness is neat :pinkiehappy:

good stuff good stuff yep. cant w8 for more lol.

Great chapter also....RAIDERS!!!!!! why is it always raiders i would have love to see the stables pony's react to our goolish friend

*pulls out anti material rifle* "THEY JUST KEEP COMING!!!" IM COMING MY LITTLE PONY'S!!!

Well, since neither Lemon Frisk nor Misty have actually ever killed a living pony (as far as we know)... it's gonna be interesting. It's probably a good thing they got albino-zebrony backup :pinkiegasp:

btw, I think the wasteland dwellers would collectively rip Lemon Frisk a new one if they knew he was somehow involved in the deployment of those Celestia-damned annoying sprite bots :rainbowlaugh:

164285 *looks at comment* "wait" zebrony..........zebrony...zeb-brony zebra.....brony.........*looks at icon

Pah. Shows what you know. Zebronies are zebra-pony hybrids. Because ponbras sounds like some kind of lingerie :rainbowlaugh:

Also, Dead Farm's albino zebronies are more, um, naturally created, than Red Stripe :ajsmug:

5 stars and a track, my good sir. And, for your troubles, have a moustache. :moustache:

awsome wasteland guide refrence with ditzy

Hey you Nyerguds... keep up the great work. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, folks! Next chapter is already in progress :)

Huh, I haven't read lots of FoE sapling-stories, but this one is really good. "Live" characters, good humour, natural dialogues. Traditional for FoE setting drama and ponies with tragic backgrounds (as if it can be otherwise in the Wasteland).

Will certainly wait for the rest of the chapters to come! Keep wrighting the good write!


Thank you! I'm always glad my humour is appreciated :pinkiegasp:

I'm liking this story +1 tracker, +1 fave, +1:derpyderp2:

When will the next chapter be released because I want my (FO:E, PH, Heroes compared) lighthearted FO fix and I already finishe Pink Eyes several months ago.

341763 I just released a blog addressing the long update time... with some luck, I'll have it done within this week.

345572 ...I don't think this is better than FO:E... it'd kinda require at least something resembling a plot for that. I mean, besides Misty's :rainbowderp:

354836 Can't deny that's one of the reasons I started this... the setting is dark enough, might as well write a story that's got some more funny in it :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, nice referrals, and tons of fun!

Yeah! An update to my 4th fave FO:E story(coming after FO:E, PH, Pink Eye's.EDIT: Heroes is my fifth favorite)

379361 Not to be ungrateful for getting your 4th place, but umm, doesn't that make mine fifth, after those four? :derpyderp2:


Hahaa! In your face, No One!

*Nyer dances a merry jig*

is...is that a 'Least I Could Do' reference?:rainbowderp:

379718 Not like I was subtle about it, hm? I mean, come on, "Summer Rain" :rainbowlaugh:

(There's tons of references in this chapter, btw. Asimov, Monty Python, Portal, and some more. Always fun if people spot them, of course :pinkiehappy:)

"Initial Craziness"... Oh my. :rainbowwild:

But seriously, great story. Lemon Frisk is one of my favorite fan characters so far- I love his attitude towards everything.

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