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Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot...

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Fallout New Vegas is my favourite game so far. This is definitely a track from me. ;D


My first comment! :pinkiegasp:

I hope I can do the planned saga justice!


If you manage to do that, I will love you. I've always wanted to try writing a New Vegas crossover, but I never could think of a way to do it :c

Not a bad story. Though I think you could stand to deviate a bit more from the plot of NV. A crossover is good, but if you copy the plot wholesale then we already know whats going to happen' fore it does ;)

Still, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Heh. New Vegas themed side stories are really in vogue, aren't they? I think there's at least 3 on that list already. Good luck with this: it shows a lot of promise (although I do feel a bit silly for having had the prologue to mine stuck up there for nearly 2 months and not updating since then :derpytongue2:)

Good story i hope to see more of it Ive never been one for writing in excess but this is a story everyone should give a chance and read ill probably post its link or name next time i post something on fallout equestria


That prologue was really great! I'd been planning to start this tale about when your work showed up, and decided you were the better writer, so I held off...and then you didn't do another installment. :applecry:

So I figured I needed to pick up the ball and run with it --- though No One's "Heroes" is also pretty good!

Well a 10-week work placement with a 90-minute commute there and back put quite a dent in my motivation :derpytongue2:

However, that's now over so I'm trying to continue it. For the record, my own fic is set in the south of Equestria, and I've been mulling the story over in my head to get enough ideas about how to continue, and it's pretty much mutated way beyond the plot of New Vegas, so hopefully our stories shouldn't conflict, despite the source material being the same :pinkiesmile:


Ouch on the time issues, yay on the resurgence! :pinkiehappy:

Hey, have a better, more in-depth review courtesy of mass transit, boredom, and battery power.

Your writing is fine, as is your ‘fic. Your story, however, needs work. I’m not sure if you understand what I mean by this, so I’ll explain. Your writing is fine. I’m not seeing spelling mistakes or (noticeable) grammatical errors. Your ‘fic is fine, in that the characters and events and such are generally believable, or (this is not the case), unbelievable, but awesome enough to make me not care (See: Gurren Lagann, punching a giant robot out of space-time, two giant robots large enough to stand on galaxies fighting each other, GIGA! DRILL! BREAKER!).
By your story, I mean the overarching plot and feel. The combined effect of everything in the ‘fic. Words would be sentence to sentence, and ‘fic would be paragraph to paragraph. Story is chapter to chapter, and as I’m reading this I’m seeing a straight ponification of New Vegas. I’m not saying you’re doing a bad job (You’re doing a fine job of it), but if I wanted to see New Vegas, I could just go play New Vegas and pretend everyone is a pony and it wouldn’t be terribly different. Sure, the Courier is dead, but you’ve filled his role handily with Dead Shot. The character may be different, but the role and plot is the same, so the general effect is unchanged, and I can easily pretend that Dead Shot is the Courier.
And now I’ll point out just what makes FOE Proper and FOEPH so damned good. What’s done in those two is making Fallout happen to Ponies. Kkat has taken Fallout 3 and made it happen to Ponies. That is, while there are some parallel situations (Arbu and Andale’s cannibal villagers come to mind), the overarching plot is radically different. I don’t recognize FOEPH’s events as part of any Fallout game, so as far as I’m concerned FOEPH is even more of a masterstroke because the author comes up with everything except the “Lore” (The history behind everything). I hold these stories in very high respect because of that, because when you’re writing crossovers it’s very easy to just take the characters from one and put them in the events and plot of another, but it’s very hard to take elements from both continuities, put them together, and forge something completely different from either one. To clarify, you’ve done the former, while FOE and FOEPH have done the latter. You’ve taken Ponies and put them in Fallout. I see elements of Fallout 3 in FOE, but I see all of New Vegas in New Pegas.
Therein lies the secret to a truly masterful crossover in my eyes, and it’s what separates your ordinary run of the mill “Naruto Is Now A Pony” crossover from the masterworks. That said, if you do a straight ponification well enough, I’m inclined to not care that it’s a straight ponification, but as it is now I’m a touch bored with your story already because what’s going to happen next is predictable. Nipton and the introduction of The Legion (Or The Herd) to the reader, because Dead Shot has probably already encountered them before. I have no idea how the actual events are going to play out (Will Dead Shot do anything to the legion? Will he pass on the message? Will he ignore it and press on into the Viper Ambush, or will he go over the cliffs and ambush the ambushers?), but I can tell just from having played New Vegas a couple of times what’s going to happen. As the storyteller, it’s part of your job to keep me guessing, rather than keep me predicting, and right now I’m doing a lot more predicting than guessing.

Take your readers onward into unfamiliar territory, rather than down roads well travelled.


THATS IT. I'm subscribing right now!!!!!

I was wondering why you hadn't included perks in the last few chapters. Now it's clear. Pinkie Sense is clearly something that one must invest in.:pinkiehappy:
In any case, this is looking quite intriguing so far. And, if I may be frank, it's kind of refreshing to not have a narrator who's wading through moral quandaries for half the story. I eagerly look forward to more.

7808 Actually, Kkat (and I think Somber) uses a "mod" which gives a perk every level. Normally you only get one perk every two levels. And since this is supposed to be a 50-chapter story (or so), fifty perks would be REALLY overpowered in my view. Even with the end-story being what it is.

Ah finally! FINALLY! Now This is a real chapter. Why you didnt start here is foreign to me. But i guess every story needs it`s prologue.

Great chapter, cant wait for the next one.

So far, so good: the twist that the story takes in chapter 5 is interesting and I like your style of writing.

Keep up the good work ^_^

Keep up the good work

Woah, you condensed all the chapters together. Caught me off guard. lol.

11286 Also added a bit to Rango's appearance in Chapter One. I always thought I was reaaaaaally short with him... -:/

Your storytelling is beautiful and fascinates, but sometimes plot feels a little boring because the world of F:NV is not ponified enough (with these tiny inclusions of human cultural symbols and lexics (though English is not my first language and I'm not sure if it's possible to bypass them)) and it's structure/topology is mostly left intact. When one's played Pew Fegas :derpytongue2: several times, there's just not enough new things brought in by the story to keep one's attention. Still, maybe I'm wrong and it's only the beginning, that makes me feel this way.

But this I can tell only after reading the first chapter. Let's see what you've got for the rest 50 =).

Now it gets really interesting. Sorry for my "boring" comment earlier. =]

hey, did you draw the title image for your story yourself? If so, could you help me a bit with coming up with ideas for my story's cover?

13064 Wish I did! I can draw, but not that cleanly or on-model!

hey, did you draw the title image for your story yourself? If so, could you help me a bit with coming up with ideas for my story's cover?13102

it's still good

actually, Fall Out 3 gives out perks with every level while New Vegas does it every 2

13499 this mod is what made fallout new Vegas equal to fallout 3 respectively
http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34707 :rainbowdetermined2:

Hay Calbeck just wanted to know if you had dropped the story........i was really looking forward to the next chapter :fluttercry:


Sorry about that... I HAVE been slacking the last few weeks. Cranked out about a third of Chapter 4 today, hope to get it up in the next couple of days!

YES, You added more Pinkie :pinkiegasp:
Win! <3 Calbeck!:pinkiehappy:

At first, I thought this was just a ponified rendition of New Vegas. And, for the first two chapters, it was.

Chapters 3 and 4 have bucked the trend slightly, and lent a bit of a unique feel to the story. The quality of the writing is very good, and formatting is excellent.

Keep it up, I can't wait to see where this goes.

Fallout 3 doles out perks every level-up, New Vegas doles out perks every other level, I believe.
Not that it really matters - both authors mentioned draw on both current-gen Fallout games for parallels, like Canterlot (Parallel: Sierra Madre) and Tenpony Tower (Parallel: Tenpenny Tower)

Derailing aside, good update, keep at it - You can't force writing, and if you're anything like me, you'll get urges to write at the worst times. (i.e. 4am, while travelling on foot, work, etc.)

Nice work of including VGcat's Rat-flail! I had a good laugh at that reference. :twilightsmile:


The power of a 10 in the Luck stat, at work. I prefer playing blackjack for casino-busting, though.


Actually, his Luck stat's 8... which, I've found, is routinely good enough to break the casinos on the slots. In three pulls? Not usually --- but remember that Pinkie Pie could see the Tree in order to predict possible outcomes, and Pink-E is her robot... -:3

On a completely unrelated point, my very first in-game slot pull at the Atomic Wrangler got the three oranges. Imagine my disappointment when it failed to pay off (early on, the slots were bugged and would not always pay out on a win).

I laughed my ass off at the CSI reference. Those never get old!


Actually yeah, the opening chapter has "Derp Money" loading up right there. But I don't see a problem, as long as you don't throw Derpy or "Casino Royale" into your fic. :derpyderp1:

Goddamnit, I knew that was coming the moment I saw "double barrel shotgun" and "ash" in the same sentence. You glorious motherhugger.

Enjoyable as heck, man. Love it.

Man so many references that was fricken funny awesome chapter ^-^/)

...Daum that ending. Looking forward to more :ajsmug:/)

Ok Cal I'm thinkin I put off reading this for way too long. Just from this I know I'm gonna enjoy reading it. The memorial? Had that image in my head. Same with the obscure hill with the random loot. Nicely done.

Okay, first off, Benny must die.

Second, and more importantly, Benny must die.

Third, I see what you did thar with the Courier being capitalized. :trollestia:

Fourth, oh gawdesses, wai is the Courier dead?! :raritycry:

I'll be reading moar, I suppose... :3

So... I found problem wit the story. THERE ISN'T A NEXT CHAPTER YET~! :raritydespair:

Hail to the REAL King. Nicely done.
And I think I know another pony that would love to get that shotgun.


Oh, I dunno about that. From all accounts, the thing kicks like an orgasming mule.

(RL Note: I've actually fired a double-barrel 10-gauge, both barrels at the same time --- the recoil smashed back hard enough to draw blood from my trigger finger.)

Darn I thought those overly dramatic accusations always worked.
Good thing the next chapter's been up for a while cuz I want to know if he at least gets some for his trouble, if ya know what I mean.

Are all pegasi, other than Sunshy, sneaky paranoid assholes? Damn I hate Commander "Bitchy". Also since they live on the ground, even if they have wings, I think the term "dirt pounders" includes them.
And this is the first time I've even heard anything about what happens to RD after Canterlot in the original.
Aaaaaand now I'm caught up and sad. :fluttershysad:

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