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Blog Note #5: Stuff and Nonsense · 2:01pm May 29th, 2013

It's the name of a file on my computer. It has a shortcut on my desktop, and it links to many shortcuts to many, many different video games, mostly League of Legends.

In case any of you were wondering what happened to me.

Updates to come. Summer is when I slow down. So much extra time I have to fill with things I can't do during the school year, and stuff... and nonsense.

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*creepy stalker eyes*

I love you...


Don't know if you care too much but I left a long ass review for the Ord Mantell Deception.

haha I have as many followers as you! Though.. one of them is me,,, Does that still count? :twilightsheepish:


Go through it and suggest edits to me. Ping my on Skype, even if I'm offline. I'll seem 'em eventually.

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