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Rarity, Jedi Knight of the Order of Tython, has been a model Jedi her whole life. Even though training with her younger sister, Sweetie Belle, has not made much progress, she is patient and respectful of the Code of the Jedi. Applejack is still a Padawan, despite her many years at the Academy, due to her headstrong and stubborn nature. The arrival of Apple Bloom on Tython may be the one thing she needs to turn her life around as a Jedi. Both ponies' lives are flipped upside down, however, when Flesh Raiders ambush Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle and take them to be indoctrinated into The New Order, a group of radical fallen Jedi that have learned how to control the Flesh Raiders and plan to destroy the Jedi Order.

Now, with this crisis on their hooves, Applejack and Rarity are forced to work together to bring balance to the Force. Will Applejack overcome her headstrong nature, or will her passions override her judgment? Can Rarity maintain her honorable reputation in the face of her sister's capture, or will this new threat cause her to stumble? And most importantly, will the two be able to survive one another, or will they butt heads while the world falls apart around them?

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Let me guess. Partly based on the Jedi home world story from SWTOR.

Eh. Read later.


Sweet. I've been looking forward to this.


“Yeah!” she replied. “Applejack is fun!”

Very nice Sweetie. Great way to endear your sister.

Applejack shook her fist at them as they retreated.

I believe you mean hoof.

Anyway, I saw no grammar issues, or spelling mistakes. It feels a little fast to me. I mean, that Callef guy just sort of told them exactly what was going on right away. I never played the game, so I don't know how in the game, but I think it might have been better to withhold the information a little more. Anyway, cool chapter and I've been looking forward to reading this but uh... one question:
Where's AJ's hat?
Seriously, it's a part of her image and imagine how awesome AJ would look with jedi robes, duel light sabres and a stetson. Please tell me it's coming later or something.

Oh Applejack, why you so naughty :ajsmug:.

Dunno. I assume it's there somewhere. =/

You sound apprehensive about it. May I inquire about your less-than enthusiastic comment?

I didn't care for the Republic too much in that game. As for my read later, I don't know when I'll get to that list.

That's fine, I'll be here a while :pinkiesmile:

O.o dark side AJ... can't say I saw it coming...

Dark side doesn't describe it very well. She has perfectly good intentions, but rules are a hindrance to her goals. Think in terms of DnD alignments, Rarity is Lawful Good and AJ is Chaotic Good.


Good point there. As long as AJ doesn't turn Chaotic Neutral then all will be fine.

When chapters because this is a great idea of doing a Star Wars related fanfic:pinkiehappy:

I was wonder how fluttershy was going to work herself in to this story. Nicely done, bro.

I like how this is going


I'm liking this better than Ord Mantel so far. The character issues feel more real, and the contrast between Applejack and Rarity is actually really great. I like the way AJ went all rogue on Fluttershy there. I'm enjoying this, and looking forward to more.

I am loving this.

Very nice.

Why this isn't more popular I will never know, it rather interesting to say the least. Keep up the good work.

I choose to keep it under the radar. I'd submit my first story to EqD, but I want to finish this story first. I'll submit it all at once.

Here it is. This is raw; I haven't given it to Dublio for revision yet, so it may be wrought with mistakes. This is the culmination of 2 months of on and off writing, too, so be ready for... some incoherency, most likely.

this chapter is by far a most interesting one, way to go. i totally cant wait to see what hppens next.

Glass Blow is a bloody Sith Lord!:flutterrage:


Close, but not quite. In all actuality, he explained his affiliation to Rarity and Applejack quite accurately. He firmly believes that the Jedi are weak and the Sith are immoral; thus, balance must exist somewhere in between their religions, or, perhaps, by combining the aspects of both that make it strong.

Man, I wanted Rarity to take that saber so badly!

Excellent story bro, keep up the good work.

He's a sith or a Revanite.

It was falling apart, covered in save moss and fungi
The large block you see if my knowledge stores

1. Cave.
2. Is.

How is it that I only got the notification of this story nearly a week after?! Dang it!:raritycry:


started to charge toward the crowd of villagers, swings their makeshift axes and firing blaster rifles

1. Swinging.

If anything, he might be a conscious creation of the force given form. Or so my theory proceeds and might most likely be debunked.


Thank you for pointing those out.

Also, are we talking about Atuna? Or Glass Bowl? I'm confused.


Atuna is as much a pony as Rarity is. He explains himself and his place in the galaxy in the next chapter (which I started yesterday is and half-done.)

i just love this story, i'm very happy to see it continue


So it ends. Or, this part of the story at least. Now for the cool part. The part where you team Dash and Pinkie with Rarity and Applejack. That's what I've been looking forward to. Just remember, the entire point of having these large varied groups is the character dynamics. There's no point in having these four characters share these four classes with these four different approaches/outlook if at some point you're not gonna throw them together in a room and watch the sparks fly and the chemicals react. Conflict between clashing personalitys, the humor that grows organically in conversations, semi serious debates about the advantages of light sabers versus blasters, that's what makes this a cool idea. You can have all the big action you want, but without the smaller character moments and likable interactions to flavor the whole thing, you may as well just write an all OC story filled with nothing but action scenes. Seriously, I'm hoping you can make it as awesome as I hope when all the characters get together and team up.

This has been a great story I hope you will do the Trooper and smuggler story. Rainbow would make a great trooper, pinkie a smuggler and Twilight an agent.

most epic pony star wars combined fic yet. just like your other one.

i really really hope that you do make a sequal of sorts. this is really good stuff.

I after the encounter yesterday with Glass Bowl
and obtained mseveral degrees in history
Later the morning
Fluttershy giggle under her breath at the remark
is give you my thanks and a shiny metal
I love you to, big sis

1. Extra I.
2. Several.
3. That.
4. Giggled.
5. Medal.
6. Too.

2113261 He already has. For Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie

I suppose that's what I get for trying to proofread on my own. Thank you kindly. :pinkiehappy:

I do have such a story. The Ord Mantell Deception. It's been done for a while now, check under my other stories.

I did have plans of this nature quite some time ago, and I'll admit that I'm tempted to continue. As this story had progressed, however, I've felt less and less motivated to make it go further. With my viewer count so low and my number of ideas so high, it's somewhat hard to justify putting more time into this. But, at your request, I'll outline an Esseles story and see where it goes from there.

I wonder, is AJ a Jedi Guardian, or a Sentinel? I'm leaning towards Guardian, but who knows? Guess I'll find out in later chapters.

Glass Bowl sounds like Darth Traya. This is most interesting...

Interesting read, for a Star Wars meets MLP crossover. I'm actually curios as to whether or not the Crusaders will find each other in your stories, and if I'm right, this isn't the last we've seen both them and Fluttershy. I'll probably have to read Ord Mantell though.

It's up there on the recommended reading list. :pinkiesmile:

Cant wait for more! THis story really had me on edge and I look forward to the next story.

For an 'enlightened' individual he is swift to disregard all other viewpoints and even gets visibly angry and frustrated when he's argued against. Quick to lie and deceive in order to get the outcome he wants, he is one with a measure of power and is swift to make use of it. A bad combination all around.

Didn't expect a MLP-Old Republic crossover to exist, but here we are.

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