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Random Blog · 7:21pm Dec 10th, 2014

I didn't want this to be lost in the ether of the Internet so I made a blog about it.

Favorite ponies: Applejack, Luna, Lyra , Twilight

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Favorite ponies: Applejack, Luna, Lyra , Twilight

“You bear the Element of Honesty. Ha! You’re the most honest, most loyal, most generous, most kind pony I know. Heck, you can even be funny when you want to be. You’re every Element of Harmony, all rolled into one, and you’re so modest and selfless that you don’t even know it... And you don’t need some silly magic to hold it together. You’re just… perfect." --Applejack Anonymous by Clavier

Founder of Alicorn Applejack and Other Amazin' Apple Stories and Princess Mara

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Thanks for the fav I hope you enjoy my stories :pinkiehappy:

2266529 roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/kind-of-yall.png

Yeah, I'd forgotten that (silly me), and probably.

And this is very true.

Over on Skirts' Appledashery fic, mostly.


I came upon your page from somewhere and and was wondering why I hadn't followed you already.

You are in my group. Maybe that's what you were thinking. We also run into each other a lot in comment sections.

Thanks for the Watch, bud. I really appreciate it.:ajsmug::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile: roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/kind-of-yall.png

Have one from me in return.

Though I could've sworn that I already was following you.:applejackconfused:

Thanks for the fav on Most Daring Pony.

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