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Crimson Dawn


Amphibia Update · 8:17pm May 15th, 2021

Amphibia finally gets to show their finale and it will be this upcoming Saturday at 8PM on the Disney channel. This will be after a small marathon of episodes leading into it.

There was a new promo put out for it here...

It is the same as the previous except they added a content warning saying that the final scenes may be too intense for younger viewers (which may also be why they moved its air time to the evening).

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Comment posted by FizzlePopBerryTwist deleted Jun 14th, 2019

Thanks for all the favx


I have considered it at times yes and even had taken some time to think of some stories to tell (and they run the gamut from simple slice of life to more "epic" tales) but thus far my patience with actually typing anything anymore seems to be close to zero. I no longer use a desk top and for whatever reason I do not seem to be able to just sit and type for long using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. I have tried for other things and I just cannot seem to get into it.

I think the closest I came to actually doing it was a story that involved Pinkie trying to bring Gilda back so they could be friends again because Pinkie cared so much for Dash's happiness. It would have had implied shipping between Pinkie and Dash (one sided since we would really only get to see Pinkie's side of this aspect) and of course Pinkie and Gilda eventually becoming friends maybe even good friends.

Sadly so far that means I live vicariously through other authors on this site who right about my favored topics rather than contributing my own at least for the time being.

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