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A group dedicated to the great GanonFLCL's fanfic; CRISIS: Equestria! While the story isn't on this site just yet, You can read it here.

But otherwise, this is a place for fan's of the story who wish to put their own spin on things! Be it the Mean Six, Tick Tock, Silvertongue, or any other characters!

Also be sure to check out the deviantart group!

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The epilogue has been posted and CRISIS: Equestria is officially complete! Thanks to everyone who had the patience to wait for this day, and if you haven't yet, check out my blog for news on what's coming next in the CRISIS canon.

I remember reading this back when it was still relatively new. Glad to see it's still being worked on after such a large hiatus. Glad to have you back, Ganon.

Wow. Just finished reading it on my alt. I found it kinda ironic that the cover art actually matched my dnd campaign... So, now I'm just gonna use the story as a reference, XD

I think you forgot the original cover art for the upload of CRISIS:Equestria

Submission approved, CRISIS is on the site for good, so if anyone wants to get the news out to other fans wherever they are, that would be appreciated. Already started a draft of Chapter 38, writing with by new style which is much more brisk.

The fic is officially on FiMFiction as soon as the submission process completes. I blame GMBlackjack for putting a stick up my butt and reigniting something. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this story - both my canon ending plans and the ending GM has worked out - all week. I might just get some chapters out this summer.

...I miss this story...

Two questions. One, is the story continuing? and two, I hear there are links in certain parts of the story, is there a way I can find them?

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