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Greetings from the Shadows of Equestria. I am Silence.Exe. I enjoy writing GrimDarks and creepy tales of all kinds.

Shoutouts And Thank Yous


A shoutout and thank you to Shadow Moonlight on YouTube (A.K.A. The Shadow Reader) for reading Grief and The Minds' Insanity on YouTube. It's helped Grief and The Minds' Insanity become twice as popular! :twilightsmile:

Thank You To:

All my followers (The 7 of you) for sticking with me. :raritywink:
kikio3000 for being my most recent follower. :pinkiehappy:
Everypony who has favourited and liked my stories. :heart:

Silence.EXE's Rant Of The Week

I... I got nothing this week. Heh.

A Message From Silence To You

It's getting close to Halloween! Got any plans?

Advice Of The Week

Never forget, you are loved and cared for by so many people, it's impossible to count them all!

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