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Do you ever wonder what ponies plus super-powers equals? Now's your chance to find out!

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I think for future reference, it would be best if you had included in the description "no Power Ponies" and explain why there. That way, it would be understood by everybody right there and then.

395378 ...Just search for the group LOHAV.

395376 Sorry, I guess I am new to the world of spells.
as to the rest, not sure god would like that.
395377 Displaced? and goes where?
Unless there is a place where the instructions are available to read, I am bound to be bumping into you every other now and then.

395374 Oh, and no Displaced. They go somewhere else.


395373 I guess it is just as common that it is a Villain hat has the powrs as the Heros?
Now I just need to dig up all the stories that can go with the group.
I have a few to go over, and not sure exactly which I am looking for before I go over the entire list.

Ps1: Where do I post a story with just one of the mane six in?
or any not ye mentioned Pony related to them, or not?

Ps2: Since it has not meen mentioned where I have seen it, does Anthro Ponies count here?

395367 Yes. They can also be villains.

395364 Basically, mainly Crossover/Adapted Superheros as Ponies?
I think I have a few stories where these kind of Ponies are included.
Dark-Mare and Black Scorpion are the first coming to mind. Witchblade is another.

395363 Well, things like PP, things like Iron Mane, Spider-Stallion, or others. Superpowers.

395268 Speaking of, do you have a definiion as to what you refer to as a "Super Power" for the Ponies?
Just for the record.
Is there a place where I can read about this, it would be very helpful, I think.

395267 Now I KNOW you're doing it on purpose. Stop.

395266 Now, why would I want that?
I just try to express what I have in mind, but sometimes, grammr refuse to cooperate.

395264 No, typos. Seriously, it's like you try to have bad grammar.

395255 Typose is when you spell a word wrong, isn't it?
Oh well, back to writing my stories.

395198 oh *giggles* guess I am liable to make a few typoses here and here .. who isn't?

395196 No, I mean you spelled it wrong.

395194 I am, always something new.

395176 That episode never was my favourite either.
Now I will just have to dig through my archive in search for a nice story to post,
if I don't find one, I may just as well writght one.

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