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This story is a sequel to CRISIS: A Royal Affair

A mysterious portal appears in the Everfree Forest one afternoon, and Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent to investigate. The portal transports them to another Equestria, one full of evil and darkness, where they have to fight to survive on the long journey home. A pony named Tick Tock, a guardian of this new world from forces of chaotic magic, offers to find a way to take them home. They make other new friends along the way, but also new enemies, primarily six evil counterparts out for blood.

The central story of the CRISIS-verse. This story takes place during Season 3 of canon, before the Keep Calm and Flutter On episode.

Thanks to Devnator, BeeAre, and The Living Couch who assisted with editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Check out the TVTropes page, maybe give it some love.

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Huh... My DnD campaign is actually based off this story.

Ah, the villain I named Crisis was actually Lord Silvertongue. Noted.

PinkieDash... Hmmmm...

Also, great, assassins now!

Piece it together, Flatfoot. That wasn't the doctor.

So, first this guy commits terrorism, then genocide, then attempted murder...

Sounds like a nice pony.

Wow... after all these years this story is finally posted on fimfic...

I say this as a 2011 reader

:pinkiegasp: I... oh... Velvet deserves to be captain...

“I... I’m sorry...” Rainbow said, her smile melting away into a disappointed frown, “I didn’t mean to blow up like that. I really didn’t. I’m sorry. Can... can you guys forgive me?”

“Ya know what, Rainbow? Forgiveness is what friends’re for,” Applejack smiled, “‘sides which, this is y’all we’re talkin’ ‘bout. I know it takes a lot ta make y’all admit ya made a mistake and ta ask fer forgiveness.”

Just putting it out there.... RD isn't the only one who should be apologizing. While she could have been less of a jerk about it, she wasn't wrong when she said the Mean Six would most likely ambush them in the canyon. Had she not arrived in time Tick Tock wouldn't have made it...

I found their weakness. They can't work together, unlike the Mane 6. Although I really like Velvet.

RD may have fired off a little harshly there, but she did make a few points...

So glad to finally see this on here. Insta fave. See y'all on the other side!

Nooooo, this is gonna kill me now, knowing something they don't... ;-;

At this point, only Pinkie Pie has a chance, due to her not being scared of Velvet.

Wow this finally is on this site fantastic. That is amazing. I am really hoping it will get an ending as this was one of my first stories I read in MLP fanfiction and one of my favorites and so I really am hoping to see it's end.

As another plus it has PinkieDash which is great!

Oh no, this is bad, Pinkie, you're the only one who can avoid being turned!

Ooh, now you're doing a Daring Do break, XD

Goddamn, Shadowstep is getting a LOT of chances.

Elements of Chaos: 1
Elements of Harmony: 1
Next up, the Tiebreaker.

And so... One Element has been successfully corrupted...

Ooh, has Harmonia decided to intervene..?

Oh my God... Fear truly is a powerful force...

So glad to see this come to Fimfiction. Been a long wait, but worth all the time. :pinkiehappy:

Oh no way...This got added here to FIMfic?:pinkiegasp:

Well, I think it's well due for a reread...

:pinkiegasp: It's here! It's finally here! Now I may shout it from the rooftops and we may ALLLL give it thumbs up! ALLLL!

I'm surprised it hasn't broken ten likes already...

EDIT: oh, uh, I guess I have to put this here now that it's here:

This fic has been featured in the crossover of ponyfics, The League of Sweetie Belles! And was given an ending of sorts.

-GM, master of LUNKS.

Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time.

Goddamn Havocwing... If it hadn't been for her, maybe they'd have found out about their dad being responsible for it all. But no, they're too loyal.

*Applauds* Bucking A, AJ.

Now, I got good news and bad news.

Good News: They'll be outta there soon.
Bad News: Peach Fuzz looking for a power plant? Sounds like Curacou to me.
More Bad News: There's probably gonna be a showdown, and with 3 of the Mane 6 without hangovers, you're done for.

Three parties after those 6. They are gaining a helluva reputation.

I don't like Fireburst. It sounds too suspicious.

That Zebra has better pickup lines than anyone I know. Wow.

Welp. Now that's a toughie.

Well, at least two of the Elements of Discord seem to be somewhat reformed.

Me saying that is gonna bite me in the ass.

Huh. Two more down, but uh oh... Concord, what are you hiding from us?

And so... Silvertongue succeeds in his quest...

I always liked Snapshot even though you do not see her for long. You got a lot of personality in a small amount of time with her.

Great... the best and first mlp fanfic I ever read back before I knew fimfiction existed is here and I never actually finished it so now I have to. Isn't that awesome?!

For real, it's baller you decided to upload to fimfiction.


Well I think it is a fun story especially if you like your adventure stories and if you like pop culture references (even if you don't if you are ok just not minding seeing them). It used to get some pretty decent press back on Equestria Daily back in the day though hopefully the fact it was posted all at once here won't scare too many people away.

I think it was around here that I originally found this story. That or a few chapters ago it is hard to exactly recall.

One interesting bit is that this story was started around the time of season 2 (maybe season one but certainly season 2). The bits here and there that reference season 3 (such as Sombra or the Wonderbolts Academy) were not in the story initially and were added in later. I remember there at least used to be an edit page on google docs that the author set up so you could see the changes made over time.

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