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When Chrysalis reappears with an army of unturned changelings to challenge Thorax for the throne, the Changeling Civil War begins. Of course, being close allies with Thorax's Kingdom, Equestria enters the war on his side, and the Wonderbolts are called into military service. On a routine scouting mission, Rainbow Dash goes down behind enemy lines and the changelings bring her to a prisoner-of-war camp, already full of captured ponies and turned changelings. Naturally, being a hero of Equestria, a veritable symbol of the nation, leads to her captors taking out a lot of aggression on her. Nonetheless, Rainbow Dash's will to return home to her friends and loyalty to her nation keeps her strong, and, with the help of a sympathetic changeling guard, she plots a daring escape to freedom. All the while, Spitfire is determined to track down and rescue her best flier--and her close friend.

Since this is November, and Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day is around the corner, I'd like to give a big thank-you to all those who've served/are serving, especially our dear military bronies. You folks aren't only brave enough to serve your country and put your lives at risk, but also to openly enjoy a show about small, rainbow-colored horses? That takes guts.

In addition, I'd like to warn everypony that while this story doesn't stray too far from the MLP world we all know, it does take place during a war, and in an internment camp. And some of the things that go on inside POW camps are not very pretty. The things that staying in one can do to your mind are even less pretty. Rainbow's gonna see some sh:yay:t; readers, you've been warned.

A lot of the information I got about prison camps, how they operate, and how to survive and escape one came from the book SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Prisoner of War Escape & Evasion by Chris McNab. It's a very interesting book if you'd like to learn more, and I thank him for writing it.

Just a quick note about tags: "Teen," in addition to the following, encompasses some occasional sex jokes and innuendoes. Will add the appropriate tag if the audience finds it necessary. "Violence" and "death" because it's set during a war and there are depictions or references, though "gore" will only be occasional (because I don't particularly enjoy viscera), and "profanity", well, I don't plan on having too much thrown in, because the characters, to me, don't seem like ones who would curse too much, but certain words (namely "damn") will get used in-text or in-speech as intensifiers.

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Very promising start. How big of a war will this be? Will Equestria call on its other allies like the Hippogriffs or the Griffions?

Can't say for sure. This is just about one pony's misfortune in a much larger turn of events. :raritywink:

Interesting, you have my attention.

Thanks for the long chapter! If next week is even half as good as the others then it will be amazing!
Or If you don't post next week it'll be fine I'll wait this is such a compelling story (First after coming to site to be brand new that I was interested in!)

Nice chapter, I can certainly see this story going places. One nitpick that I do have is that I wished the initial fight was a bit longer and that Rainbow put up more of a fight.

You're more than welcome! I'm glad I've sparked your interest! :twilightsmile:
If you like this one, I might suggest you look at my other work, too. I update all my stories sequentially, so typically they'll each get a chapter at a time, unless I'm feeling particularly creative with one.

Well I've been waiting for this chapter and I can't say I'm disappointed!

Not gonna complain about the accent, German accents are certainly amusing.

This is definitely an interesting concept and well written, but I'm torn on whether or not I want to actively follow it, since Dash is my favorite of the main 6.

So I have two questions.
One is a bit of a spoiler, but I'm the kind of person who, when I'm torn on a fic, needs to know some critical stuff before I make a decision:
1. Will this story have a happy (or at least bittersweet (mostly sweet)) ending for Dash?
2. About how many chapters overall do you expect this to be?

I can never guarantee how many chapters a story will be, it depends greatly upon how much story/information I can convey in an average-length chapter. I very much write at my own whims. But I wouldn't put Dash through all this without at least some sort of happy ending-- can't say exactly what it's going to be and ruin the fun, but I encourage you to trust your gut and enjoy the story! :scootangel:

Does this mean this story won't ever end?

Comment posted by overdue deleted Jul 5th, 2022

RD just keeps going in and out of consciousness

they have leather harnesses? where are they getting leather from? maybe...

I do hope that this story will be continued, I've been enjoying it so far

The colonel's ear twitched as the clacking of the typewriter and the squabbling voices of his underlings overwhelmed his patience.

the word 'underlings' is so perfect here

You have my attention, friend! Nice job!

Been really enjoying this!

I know i just started reading this and will proably answer later but does equestria consider conscription here i wonder?

The accent took me by surprise. And no offense, the chapter woke bit of bad memories.

I wonder if they would accept volenteer medics. You know, like the red cross

Good question you got there

Just so I get it right, they capture whatever pony they came across?

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