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I like bombastic storys with ponies that have nuclear personalities!


Twilight Sparkle has been living in Ponyville for 7 years now. In that time she has faced great challenges, fought greater foes, and made even greater friends. But one day she finds a book. A book she had completely forgotten about. A book she thought had been destroyed. A book of necromancy. Will she submit to the darkness within her or will she stay true to her values and stay in the light; or maybe a bit of both?

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I haven’t read the story yet just the title and i love it! :twilightsmile:

Edit: Just read the prologue and I like it so far, can’t wait to see what happens next!

Thank you! :twilightsmile: I've been working really hard on the first chapter and it shouldn't be to long!

I'm not typically a Twilight fan, but this one I find interesting. Well done, I am excited to see how this progresses.

Let me guess: The necromancy book is the same book where Twilight found out about the Alicorn Amulet.

Ooo... this looks interesting...

good story

needs some work, but an interesting concept!

Sounds like not just anypony can raise the dead. Knowing and using necromancy does not make a necromancer. I look forward to more chapters :twilightsmile:

I am honestly surprised

Twilight will use the dead so she can be on time for once

<'This is a good day' Twilight thought 'This ia a good day'.>

The second has an 'ia' instead of an 'is'

I know most people spell it Pinkie but I personally like Pinky over Pinkie so...

It’s really good story wise so far but I must say you would do good with a proofreader as there is a few mistakes here and there, but it’s not something that will kill me.

I enjoyed every second of reading this :)

I'm really glad your liking it so far! Also could you show me a few of the times where I messed up? I'd like to make my storys the best they can be.

As I said in the prologue I really enjoy this story so far. If you end up looking for a proofreader, I will help you to the best of my extends :pinkiehappy:

I will, once I get to my computer :twilightsheepish:

Which begs the question who was the one who gave twilight the book

Hello It’s your friendly neighborhood grammar corrector here to correct the grammar in this story!

when spike came downstairs.

when Spike came downstairs.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained,"

Not a correction but was a little confused when i read this, who said this Twilight or the book?

Anyway that’s all i could find for errors, This chapter was great! had me laughing too at a couple of parts. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Also If you want me to keep showing you errors please reply back!

Signing off That Pony With A Fedora~

Thank you for the grammar fixes! Even know I re-read this chapter 4 times some stuff still fell through my fingers! Also that part Twilight said, probably should change that and make it more clear. Also yes please keep commenting on my grammar. I'd like to have my storys the best they possibly can be.

This litterally updated the day i tracked it. i am very happy right now

If you didn't already have my attention, you have it now

Your time has come.


Welp looks like another pony will be falling to Necromancy.
Sad. It is so hard to find any good Necromancers.

I Will Be Watching. *.._..*

I look forward to more from this story.

Moar... me need moar...

Awesome chapter my friend!

Thanks! I worked incredibly hard on this one! (Staying up untell 11 pm hard, that is) :twilightsmile:

'I bet it's going to make perfect since when we get there.'

Perfect sense

So just got a note that said chapter 3 was posted, and it ain’t there? :derpyderp1:

Yep, accidentally clicked the publish button on the unfinished 3rd chapter so...:facehoof:

Ah, yeah, always paranoid of that button for that exact reason

But I am planning on Internationally clicking that botton by the end of the day though...

Going to be tomorrow morning for me :derpytongue2: Its currently night where I am

Well, maybe it won’t be to late for me then. I somehow manage to follow every author who lives on the opposite side of the planet as me and is releasing chapters when it is between one or three in the morning for me

So anypony thinks this is the start of darkness for Twilight considering that Spike went to Celestia could be see as a betrayal

Everything is getting more and more interesting

I feel like twilight and celestia are missing something important

Wow Celestia, you just screwed up royally!

Horrifying... check

Traumatized... check

Want more?.........

c h e c k

That’s not Celestia...

I mean it can’t be! I’ve seen something similar in another fic where the evil ones tried to manipulate Twilight by showing up as Celestia. I think the fic’s name is Bloody Tears.

Anyway that’s just my theory. Great chapter as always!

"know thy enemy and know thyself, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles"~ sun tzu

is she going to be like a diablo 2 necromancer, d3 necro, or your own take but anyway im enjoying the story a lot cant wait for more chapters.

我看看可不可以发中文 / хуже


Maybe not.:applejackunsure: But if it is she's a dammed fool for not giving twilight even a chants to speak and explain at all.:facehoof::ajsleepy:

That’s why I don’t believe that that could be Celestia. She has screwed up before sure, but this is nothing Celestia would do.

No I smell a master plan by the mysterious ponies who sent Twilight that letter...

And I can’t wait!!


Heather can I.:pinkiesmile: can’t wait for their plan to back fire completely as twilight dose as she said and uses that art against them!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

At the moment I feel like this song matches up the story but that may change as the story continues

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