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This story is to help me write better.

[This story takes place in The Magic is Friendship, parts one and two]

Though Nightmare Moon is defeated, Twilight is not set free from her wrath unchanged.


Sex tag for some sexual themes for a few scenes throughout the story.

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Interesting story
Looking forward to more

This reads an awfull lot like Vampony Chronicles, only difference for now is name of the curse and the guardian. Will there be more parallels, like a Blessing of the Day or will it be different?

I took the inspiration for the first chapter from that story, yes. However, things will be different.

Then I'm looking forward to where you're going with this. Would have read on either way.

really liked the old version. hope this new version is just as good if not better

Yay, a good story continues. :twilightsmile:

It’s a start let’s see where this goes.

my bangs spilt my my horn and falling onto the sides of my face a little.

My my did we use a double my there?

The Twilight Sparkle becoming a vampony is an interesting touch, but Owlowiscious should not be present yet.

I had beenthe last

Missing some personal space

in shock amd jumped


I heard a wolf howl line I had placed all four of my hooves into the forest

I'm not sure if this is missing a word or not, but I'll put it here just in case

spilt my my horn

Split? And just one my is enough

from blue to back


The story in itself seems really great and I'll be tracking/reading, but in some points of the story, the grammar gets really bad, leaving me kinda flabbergasted

But I'l still be reading your story :twilightsmile:

Was this the story when Twilight's friends helped her with her blood problem and then Nightmare Moon was in her head and all sort of crazy shit happened. Also did Twilight turn Rarity into a Vampony to save her life and the story hinted at NM relinquishing her wings and giving them to Twilight because she liked flying so much

That's The Vampony Chronicles.

Then is this the one with the big war?

A new story that I redid, duh.

Welp. Twilight's fucked. Question: If being out in the sun causes only a barely noticeable amount of pain, does that mean that the sun itself isn't what hurts her, but more the solar energy? Regardless of that answer, I assume being in the direct vicinity of Celestia will not be a comfortable experience for Twilight, will it?

She was already in the presence of Celestia in the last chapter. And anything holy or sun related hurts her slightly. If she is touched with it directly then she gets more pain.

Ah. So avoid being in the crossfire of Celestia using beams of solar energy/fire. Got it.

I wonder how Rarity will react if she hear or see Spike feeding blood to his Vampony BF (Best Friend)? :twilightblush: :raritydespair:

The vampony chronicles was they original ? If yes, this would be the remake of that story, if yes... AWERSOME!!!

I didn't make The Vampony Chronicles.

Hmmm...interesting start to what I think will be an epic tale:ajsmug:. I'm tracking this.

Suddenly, Spike spoke. "Um, I don't think you can physically do that..."


"What choice do you have?! You're a bloodsucker vampony who lives off blood! If you don't drink from me, who else would you drink from?! An unwilling victim like a monster!?"

Very good point:ajsleepy:.

He grabbed my shoulders and shoved me closer to him. "I don't care, Twilight. I love you more than anypony in the world and I would do anything for you. Even allow you to drink my blood or give up on trying to flatter Rarity."

Wow...never though I'd hear Spike say that...:rainbowderp:. Still, that's really sweet of him to do that for Twi:heart:!

Spike stared into my purple irises. "I won't let you shove me aside just because I'm a kid in pony years. In dragon years, I'm a legal adult."

Again, VERY good point:rainbowlaugh:!

Never change Spike, never change:twilightsmile:.

Great work on the first two chapters PIxel:pinkiesmile:! I look forward to seeing how this goes:raritywink:!

Besides learning the life and ways of a Vampony. Can I still point out about her craving issues for blood?

Too short and too sudden with the reveal of Lunas intentions to have an impact, also what about Celestia?

The immediate reaction was, ehhh.

Is this a remake of The Vampony Chronicles ? Cause I won't lie I ABSOLUTELY LOVED that story I just wish it wasn't abandoned.

Um, I'm sorry, but no. I loved it too so I decided to refermish one of my cancelled stories with almost the same concept and recreated it with the same concept as that story.

meh good enough That story was really really good. It was going amazing places then it just stopped being written. It is definatly one of the top stories on the site.

I almost half expected Rarity's Spike to say I couldn't

Seems you miss a word.

Hope you will not let us hang hier for to long.

Rarity your a asshole


Mutha fu-

What about Celestia? The mentor who taught Twilight since she was a child. The mentor who Twilight obsesses over and tries to impress. Now this new pony shows up and basically says, "I have given you my 'blessing', now help me build my republic (and overthrow my sister?)", and Twilight just sits there and calmly thinks it over?

Are Twilight going to meekly accept Luna's offer? Or, will she rage shift and throw this pompous pony princess out of her home?

At the moment this feels forced, rushed and unbelievable.

this good so far and I can see twilight joining luna because shis is giving her a choice on what to do as well as wanting to grant everyone with a chance to exersise free will as when it comes to celistia she never dose as she tends to say I want you and your friends to go here and do this without giving the option to refuse.

As much as I feel that Rarity shouldn't have run away like that, I can understand why she did it:ajsleepy:. Still, I really hope she does not tell anypony else, especially the girls. Let Twilight handle that. The last thing Twi needs is to have an angry mob come after her and try to stake her through the heart:twilightangry2:. Plus, I actually like her as a vampony, I really don't want her to lose her new powers:pinkiesad2:. Who knows, maybe they'll become of great use to her in battle, especially since vampires are known to be unnaturally strong...at least, that's what I've heard.


"Rarity, wait!" I called with my hoof reaching out for her. When she did not listen I cursed under my breath. "Fuck myself."

That was a good line:rainbowlaugh:!

Another nice little chapter, I'll continue following it to see how it goes:twilightsmile:.

I do have one question though. If my knowledge of vampires is correct, they do have an estimate lifespan of over 1,000 years tops. Now that Twilight has the powers of a Vampire Pony, is her lifespan going to be drastically extended along with her magical abilities:applejackunsure:?

At about halfway through i was thinking 'this seems familiar...'

Maybe a bit rushed but I look forward to what you have planned for this story.

Is this a SE\NLR fic? Or is it unrelated?

Spike won't care. Maybe he'll freak out a bit, but he's faced worse. Like Nightmare Moon.

Good point...though I wouldn’t put it past him to lose his head:applejackunsure:.

Finding a bedroom in this castle was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Close to impossible.


Shining glared at me. "Like that'll ever happen. You're just a monster who'd kill me in ten seconds. That's why I am taking the liberty of killing you."

...What:pinkiegasp:?! Shining...:fluttershysad:.

Shining slapped me across the face with silver, which surprisingly burned my skin. I yelped in pain and hissed.

Oh you should not have done that:twilightangry2:.

"Shining... I'll give you one more chance. Let. Me. Go. Now. "

Or else she’ll give you and even whiter coat:pinkiecrazy:! If you know what I mean:ajsmug:.

"It was just a dream?" I asked.

Oh thank Celestia:ajsleepy:.

Luna nodded. "Do you see what kind of things can happen? If anypony were to find out, then stake through the heart and bye-bye!"

Again, good point:trixieshiftright:.

I nodded. Luna was right. But, what if I just kept ponies from finding out? I can just do something about Rarity, maybe make her love me or something and then move into the Everfree Castle.

Probably of a got idea to do that to Rarity Twilight:twilightoops:.

"Think wisely, Twilight Sparkle! One slip and you're dead!"

Listen to Luna Twi! She has experience:raritywink:!

Something in me told me that regular pony food wouldn't fill me up. No, what I needed was blood. After all, I was a vampony.


Aww, you took mah job XD
Well, I agree with you in these, awesome chapter.

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