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Princess Celestia learns that her name is an expression ponies use everyday.

She handles it rather well.

I don't even know anymore.

Popular February 27 2018 WHOA

Now with a Russian version by Hemp Master! You can find it here.

Chapters (2)
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just wait till she finds out pony scream her name during sex

Wait until a dragon and a griffin are in a barrel making love.

Oh my Celestia
For Celestia's sake
I swear to Celestia
Oh Celestiadamnit
Anymore? :trollestia:

By celestia's beard!
Celestia on a uni-bi-tri-cycle!
as Celestia is my witness...
oh for Celestia's sake. thats all i got.:trollestia:

By Everloving celestia, I see what you did there.

Allow me a prayer to Celestia's nostril hairs.

Good Celestia this was funny.

Loved it!
For Celestia's sake, make more!!!
This is going in my faves ^_^

mother of celestia, this was funny!

Celestia’s flaming tits this was funny as hell

I am reminded of Monty Python for some reason

Celestia-Bucking-Dammit. This was actually really funny.

Damn, now I really want to hear someone shouting "By Celestia's beard" in her presence and then observe her (and everyone else's) reaction.

Why do I see the princesses all levitating scripts in front of them during this story?

If you read Fallout:Equestria, you'll find that reaction :derpyderp1:


Celestia’s flaming tits this was funny as hell

Heh! Wait until she reads that story :rainbowlaugh:

absolute bull crap... and i love every second of it.

:twilightsmile:Twilight Tested, Celestia Approved.:trollestia:

Hoists the Phoenix Blade in the air “YAR!”

I want a beautiful beard like theirs...

Comment posted by OceanaNatureGirl101 deleted Mar 3rd, 2018

Holy Celestia... I almost died laughing.... :rainbowlaugh:


hi this was halarious epecially since we read it together with all your goofy voices:moustache:

By Celestia's beard, that was odd.

No seriously, what in Discord's antler just happened?

I know this story ended forever ago, but can we maybe get a bonus chapter involving the expression, "Celestia's Flaming Tits"?

LUNA LUSCIOUS LOVE-HANDLES! this is a funny story

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