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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor; all possibilities are possible, all realities are real." - (I do crossovers a lot)


Things aren’t right. Ever since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has been having visions of a life that is not hers. Or… that’s what she thinks. Secrets long buried are about to bite back, truths come to the light and a conspiracy unravels. After all, how is Twilight to accept that her real parents are ponies that history says are threats to the land.

Inspired by Born Treacherous.

The Dark and Horror tags are for a later chapter. Crossover tag is for certain characters.

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hmmmm good idea, I for one will be watch,

Me two. I am in! I want to read more.

I think a better way to do all the exposition that was in that conversation with the elements would involve Nightmare Moon realizing she was spared and have her slink away to safety, then have Luna go over her memories to make sure everything is in order. Then you could have had Nightmare Moon remember her version of events, the real version. Maybe she spies on Luna and sees she doesn't remember everything. The idea of the elements having a will is fine, but I've never liked it when they have personalities or talk.
All of this would probably have required extra chapters that you may or may not have been willing to write.

twilight/gilda sounds interesting

I say "Why the hell not?". Haven't seen THAT ship before, at least not with only those two, so I would like to see where you would go with the ship. Go for it.

Looks good so far go for it.

More please do more.

I don't really like the sound of Twilight X Gilda, but I am an open minded person and you've already done well writing these two. With enough development I can see this happening, and can see myself being behind it.

A TwilightXGilda? I've only ever seen one, so bring it on!

Twilight and Gilda ?
Twilight and Gilda ?
Twilight and Gilda ...
Mmmmh ...

Twilight , Gilda . Really ?

What are you waiting for ? That's something i would like to see . Twilight and Gilda !! FTW !!

A+ For +Awesome

You get my Like and Track. :D

why do i have feeling the whole war/dislike of darkness and such was start cause the princess was anger that nightmare moon had an alicron duaghter she kept fail to have children.....

but I don’t know your’s.

A little tardy to the party, but the thought is what counts...

Discord, and him being twilight uncle! Please continue:pinkiehappy:

7574213 While I added the parts that featured Twilight's conflicting thoughts on recent events and Discord also recognising her, I didn't see this part being all too different.

Also, I'm making Celestia up to be someone who doesn't focus on the big picture once she sees something she doesn't like and over reacts. "My sister and her husband know Dark Magic and are probably teaching it to their innocent daughter? Corrupt and evil!!!" That sort of thing.

This story really seems like it is going to be very, very good. However, there is one thing that is bothering me. If even the Elements of Harmony don't like how Celestia has used them to cover up her mistakes, then why don't they just appear in front of Twilight to let her know what is happening? I mean, they have appeared in front of Nightmare Moon and Discord and have even helped them come up with plans to help them all become a family again. So why not tell Twilight everything; I doubt she would believe that the Elements are lying. I understand that you are trying to keep to the canon of the show, but you also have not explained why the Elements are not talking to Twilight to let her know what is happening.

This story is the one of the best stories ı read please continue

7619750 I'll get to that in the next chapter.
7642624 Thanks!:twilightsmile:

I've only ever seen that ship once, so it would be interesting to see it again. Go for it

Comment posted by Illi deleted Jan 13th, 2017

7863064 I'm writing the next chapter RIGHT NOW......... but I keep getting side-tracked, so wait a little longer:twilightblush:

Well holy crap this story is amazing I can not wait for the next chapter!!

Twilight and Gilda? No, thank you. Besides that, awesome fic so far! :)

Well this story is amazing, I'm adding it to my favorites!

I was iffy at first but this is turning out to be great. I hope you return to write some more soon :pinkiehappy:

7999379 I'm about half-way done with writing the next chapter, it'll be here soon.

great chapter,
i have feeling Nyx was the oldest of the sister but was marry off and the other two princess forgot or never knew about her.

just reread the whole story, and the author note at the bottom of this chapter made me happy

Another very good chapter!

Twi's taking this rather well :twilightsmile: Can't wait to find out what happened to Twi in all those years :pinkiehappy:

Ah, the Oldcrons...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I would prefer not to have that ship in the book as I would like the book to focus on Nightmare's relationship with Twilight and how Twilight deals with it before getting to romance.

Story is interesting. As for the ship no. Friends yes romance not in this story. Drama of being connected to every villain first.

8049640 Don't worry, Twilight bonding with her real family will be the main plot-point of the story, as I actually don't know where to add Gilda yet. Maybe a little after the Crystal Empire and Sombra return.
What I mean is that the Twida (I don't know if it has a name, so i just came up with this one) ship isn't very important, just something I was interested in doing that isn't common. If anything, it wouldn't be until the last two or three chapters when they actually start a relationship, and by then most of the things I want happen would have.

8050424 Thank you for your honest opinion, and if you could tell me how you think it was rushed, that would help immensely.

Also, If anyone has read TwiDash Imperium, could you help give me some ideas for "human" names to give Twilight and Rainbow? You know, something that'll help them be taken seriously


So happy to see a new update for this story. Hope I don't have to wait months for the next one keep up the great work.


Also.... did Nightmare offer to get them snakes?????

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