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i wanted to compile all the stories in which twilight is considered apart of Celestia/Luna's family. this Group is for stories in Which twilight Sparkle is of Royal Blood or Adopted into the Royal Family, either she is the Daughter, sister, mother, Aunt, Cousin of princess Luna and/or Celestia

Stories Inwhich Twilight Courts/Marries into the royal Family are also welcome aslong as they have a political side to them.

this group was inspired by the stories such as:When Stars Dream, Myths and Birthrights, Golden Secrets, Heir of the Nightmare, and Little Star.

I love the Idea of Twilight being the heir to the Equestrian throne especially when things get political.

Rules of Posting

1. got a story that fits? Post in the 'Unsorted' folder. and ill Review the story and place it in the correct folders.
2. characters going to an Alternate Universe where Twilight is considered a member of the royal family still counts.
3. Twilight Courts Royalty Folder: these Stories are Romance stories based around the politics of dating/marrying Royalty
4. these are stories based on twilights relationship with Celestia/luna. royalty by association, not ascension. therefor stories based on twilight taking over Equestria after luna and Celestia stepdown do not count

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