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Welcome to the possibility of Luna, or some know her as the glorious Nightmare Moon, being Twilight's mother.

The only canon proof we have that Luna/NMM is Twilight's birth mother is one photo.(Screenshot.)

See how uncertain Nightmare looks? Its as if realizing the little filly from a millennium ago looks just like that unicorn. A good point made by Polaris501 in his amazing admirable story 'Heir of the Nightmare' is that originally Twilight WAS an alicorn, and for some reason(his/hers being Filly twi was sick) her wings being magically removed to combat against the reason.

That being said, I do not mind if you don't join this group. Heck, you can dislike all the stories in here WITH GOOD REASON, not this nebbish 'Oh but NiGhTmArE Muun iz stoopid' or anything.

Nightmare Moon is the glorious empress of the Night. bow before her awesomeness.

That over and done with, I have something to tell you called RULES. Yes, I bet your all groaning right now. well, rules are rules.


1.All stories are to go in the correct folder. If they have both a dark tag and a romance tag, then put it in 'Main'.
2.No flaming. You can dislike this group(hate is overrated) for good reasons, but no dissing our reputation because you don't like Nightmare Moon being all motherly.
3. If you put a story in the wrong folder, you will be notified within three days, and at the end of two weeks if you have not removed it or transferred it to another folder we have no choice but to kick you.(You will not be kicked if you have stated a solid reason for being gone more then two weeks. Or if you've died physically, in that case your account won't be useful anymore.)
4 No romance between Nightmare Moon and Twilight. No Twiluna either. This is strictly a group for Twilight being birthed by NMM or Luna, and in here we do not support the group 'Incest is Wincest'.
5 We hope you have a great time here!(If you have been my friend for over two months there is a good chance you will become an admin of this lonely little group.)

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Hello there I was wondering does this group have a discord?

I haven't seen any1 make a X changes into Luna/NMM yet on this site. I like Luna. Idk why. It's just her backstory and the struggles that she had to go through to gain the respect of everyone around her.:ajsmug:

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