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”Such is the way of things for those like us. We shed tears for those we have lost, but in the end they are happy tears. After all, they spring from the happiest memories.”
- - Princess Luna - from the story "Birds of a Feather" by Eakin

A group for stories involving an immortal (or just ageless) Twilight who is visibly younger than, or has outlived her mortal friends.


All stories (including alternate universe, parody, meta, etc) meeting this one criteria are allowed, but the main purpose of this group is to collect stories of a lighter fare, rather than stories that are about Twilight being insane with depression over the loss of her mortal friends. Some melancholy is fine, but let's minimize the angst. This is an Immortality does not suck group.

Feel free to add any stories you find meeting the goals of this group, but please try to choose the correct folder for each story. One folder per story please (if a story can fit into multiple folders, choose the most appropriate folder only, or the "Other" folder if doing so is a spoiler).

Stories about an immortal Cadance or a really old Spike, etc. are also welcome, if they use immortality in a thoughtful way (put them in the "Other Immortals" folder).

Check out the group, Twilight Against Alicornhood, if you want a group dedicated to the sadfics.

Also, here's a similar group that you might want to check out called, Happily Forever After, also dedicated to happy immortals.

Sub categories will define Twilight's age and emotional content of the stories:

Ascension + 0 years = Twilight is newly an immortal and is just contemplating what that will mean.
Ascension + 10 years = Twilight became an immortal some years ago, and all or most of her mortal friends are still alive. Twilight is likely younger in appearance than her mortal pony friends. (10 years or more is a guideline, not a rule)
Ascension +100 years = Twilight has outlived all or most of the other Mane 6, though Spike may still be alive. (100 years or more is a guideline, not a rule)
Time travel = Multiple time periods are shown or a time traveler (or a letter, etc.) appears from the future with a tale including an immortal Twilight.

Dark/Depressing/Grim/etc. = This category is for the thought provoking darker tales of a mostly unhappy immortal Twilight. Let's put such tales here instead of in the other categories.
Bittersweet = Not quite grim or depressing, but not light enough for the other folders either. Stories in this folder are a mix of emotions but still include some smiles.

Other Immortals = Twilight isn't called out as immortal in these stories, but at least one other character is, and their immortality plays an important part in the story.
Un-categorized = Anything else that doesn't fit in an above folder. If you want to add a story to this group but are unsure which folder to place it in, choose this folder please. If you think we need more categories, let me know in the forum, via a comment, or through a private message.

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Please add a “Twilight Will Not Outlive Her Friends” category for stories that delve into that theme.

This be cannon now. OoF

ah, makes sense, sorry then

I'm not saying her missing them or being sad about them being gone is bad. But it feels like she is always ooc in them.

I still enjoy most of those kinds of stories, it's just that there aren't many people who are able to write GOOD ones

Glad to see there's more "Twilight enjoys eternity" than ones where she doesn't. That trend was dead on arrival as soon as it started.

Could just be me though.

349895 If the Smiles was here, there is bound to be some place for a pink mare amongst all the Tillies?

Aside from that, I found a story containing what is bound to be at least a/one ageless Twilight Sparkle in it.

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

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