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Greetings and salutations. You have arrived at the place where Nightmare Moon (and Luna) store all the stories that put them in the role of a teacher. While Twilight Sparkle is her favorite, she also has a folder where she puts the stories involving her other students.

There is one other important thing to watch out for. Nightmare Moon is a rather jealous teacher and Luna is not far behind. Every story where she is not Twilight's sole teacher is placed into the secondary teacher folder or the subplot folder if she is not really in the mood to teach.

That said, she is eager to collect every story she can find, whether they be close to canon (see The Moon's Apprentice), or wildly divergent (see Night's Favored Child).

Now, as much as Nightmare Moon appreciates a good student, that does not necessarily mean she is quite on the up and up, morally speaking. Stories where Nightmare Moon is the villain are encouraged just as much as ones where she is not. Perhaps even more. And all the better if she can convince Twilight to join her on the dark side.

The Rules Will Last Forever!

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“Battle of the Moon and Sun” is currently in both the Wildly Different Stories and Near Cannon Stories folders.

372631 For Twilight, so long as Magic is concerned? Zecora?
I would love to see Pinkie Pie as a teacher here.
Even if it could be fun and interesting to have her as the student of Luna/Nightmare ..

Teach me oh great Nightmare Moon... I want to learn! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Really liking this, but it has me thinking about who else could be Twilight's primary teacher. Maybe discord, after all twilight's test was basically a surge of chaos :twilightsmile:

366047 sure okay whatevs:pinkiehappy:

364575 No! Not another take of fimfiction writes fan fiction please. I would prefer to keep my sanity relatively intact. If that is okay with you.

My profile pic approves of this group

So, just to be certain, a story involving Luna teaching someone else (in this case, she is teaching Riku from Kingdom Hearts about dark magic) go in the No Twilight folder?

Nightmare Moon is best mentor. Sorry, Tia, I still love ya.

Hi guys!:pinkiehappy: can we all join sometime and make one long story about Nightmare Moon (or Luna):derpyderp1:?

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