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My (Attempted) First Story Here On FimFic · 11:55pm May 25th, 2015

Last month I submitted a story to Fimfiction. It did not get approved. I was told it "read like an encyclopedia." Too bad. Don't care. That was the point. So since I can't officially submit it ever again, here it is as a blog post. Based on the SuperMechaDeathChrist video, here is:

The Chronicle of Super Mecha Death Sparkle

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Ty for showing interest :twilightsmile:

Hello again!

Glad to see you're still around.

I hope you enjoy My Fluttering Heart when you get around to it. :twilightsmile:

Man, every time I see your user name, it makes me smile a little. It was a great choice.


I do hope you enjoy The Fated Hour when you get around to it, and I'm grateful that you like my stuff enough to keep reading it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding my story to your library. Much obliged.

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