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I am best moon. Suck it, Titan.

Collapse status: Chapter at 4300 words.

Possible Slowing: College.

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You are the best moon.


You might not be a planet, but you're a celestial like the rest of us. Wherever you are in the heavens now, I hope you're staying happy doing something you love. I know you left on rough terms, but we'd be glad to have you back.

Your friend,

Dear Europa,

You are such a wonderful writer and I, like hundreds of others, wait wait wait for your return we have been patient

2592043 Sadly, he hasn't. Was curious as to where he'd been though.

Someone pissed him off and he left... has he returned, I can't tell, mobile's a bitch

  • Viewing 238 - 242 of 242
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