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Have some Princess Canadance!

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Can anyone tell me if they've had their "updates" part of their favourites list break and say they only had one or two instead of like ten or more?

Go for it. I can't write everything, after all. In fact, the more people writing about Canadance, the better. So get on it, peoples.

Lately, I've been in a Canada mood.

So I joined this group.

Also, someone better start writing more Canadance fics, or this group is gonna die eventually.

No, it has finally GAINED it's mind. Clopfics never should have been the top trending group.

Huzzah for Princess Canadance!

Right first off this pony best be fuckin extremely apolagetic love maple syrup and bacon! otherwise im out. Other than that this is fuckin awesome, eh

373996 And from such humble origins, too.

This might just be the best group on fimfiction :rainbowlaugh:

O-O-O-One O-O-One Hundred Members!

You have breached the surging reservoir of polite Canadian pride with your parody. Now you must ride the flood.

That's it. This fandom is officially crazy.

That feeling when you create a group to mock a typo and it ends up being the #1 trending group -- by a huge margin!

373655 I live in the redneck part of Ontario, where populations of towns hit 30 and high schools only have around 800 kids in it. Because as soon as you live 2 hours away from Toronto, their is nothing but trees and man eating squirrels

373526 Depends on where you live in Ontario, I live in Ontario too but I still know a few bronies who live nearby.

373644 He's the best!

This group is #1 on trending again!

Why am I envisioning a pony version of Colin Mockrie now...? :rainbowderp:

373549 It is still in the top 2, so that's pretty cool


You see, kids?
This is what happens when you create a group in order to mock a typo!

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