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Thank you for Favoriting Skeletor, Master of The Empire.

Thank you, Mutalist Alad V, for Favoriting Bizarro am not in Equestria, I'm glad you've enjoyed the story so far and I hope that I can continue to entertain you with more chapters.

Well, at least partially. In an attempt to create a sort-of peace, I released a Virus that could infect machines. The machines were able to process information faster and gained semi-sapience, while the Virus itself was able to spread much faster than before. After I studied the symbiotic relationship for about half of a year, I decided to infect myself with it.
It backfired. Horribly.
While I learned that the Technocyte Virus had a sudo hive-mind between the larger and more intelligent individuals infected with it, like Lephantis and the J-3 Golem, I gained immortality from the infection at the cost of an erratic twitch and my right arm. The pain was horrendous, but I cannot be killed permanently. The virus is much more of a parasite to organic matter, even though that is where it originated. So, yes, it is regarding the theory.

Is your name regarding the economic theory of mutualism?

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