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Just your average reader and occasional writer. I like exploring 'want of a nail' type scenarios and fallen heroes. For some reason people seem to like my stories. Strange.

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Story Requests

Story requests are currently not being acted upon.

If I was, this would be the information about them.
Send me a DM if you have something you would like to see. Remember that I hold the right to say no.
I am not accepting comissions.

Please include the following in your DM:

  1. The Concept: What happens to the characters, and what they want.
  2. The How: How the characters accomplish this. It sets the tone.
  3. The Conclusion: How the story will end.
  4. The Tags: What tags you would expect to see should it be uploaded to FimFiction.

Things you should know:

  1. Stories will be 10,000 words or less. Probably less.
  2. My style of writing is rather dry. If you're looking for colorful prose or something to make you cry, seek another author.
  3. I have a full time job, and spend my free time how I want. If I accept a suggestion, it is at the bottom of my queue of things to do. Do not pester me daily for updates. Once every couple weeks at most.

Topics I will automatically reject:

  1. Underage Sex
  2. Pointless Torture
  3. Evil for the Sake of Evil
  4. Things I can't think of right now but will add to this list if it comes up.
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Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Jun 24th, 2022
Zoshe #30 · Jan 4th, 2021 · · 2 ·

awww, but it's so much fun to torture myself with delayed release

I've had a lot of mandatory overtime lately, so it's been coming along extremely slowly. I only have one day off per week and that's usually spent relaxing and the like. There is no prospective release time, so it's best if you put Seven of Six to the back of your mind.

i keep telling my one buddy.
boy i sure would love more 7 of 6.
hows that coming?

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