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Just your average reader and occasional writer. I like exploring 'want of a nail' type scenarios and fallen heroes. For some reason people seem to like my stories. Strange.



When Starlight Glimmer tricked Twilight Sparkle into freezing a filly Rainbow Dash in crystal, the sonic rainboom was prevented. This sent a wave of chaos through the timesteam as destiny unraveled, and empowered Discord. He is quite curious as to who exactly was evil enough to cast a potentially lethal spell at a filly.

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A nice little addition to the Seven of Six story that describes how Twilight and Discord met quite well. Normally, at least in the show, I'm not a fan of Discord after season 3, he just felt so much better as a villain, and never really seemed like a character that made sense for the show otherwise. Whenever he showed up he just seemed to be there for more comedic relief than Spike, and never seemed to learn the friendship lessons that were a core part of the show and its characters.

That being said, this version of Discord seems perfect, skimming the line between villain and slightly not a villain perfectly, and all because of little Twilight, honestly amazing.

REALLY good job on this one-shot prequel. Love the work on the exchange, characterizations and future set-up in all the right places. Absolutely loved the explanation for how Discord got loose early as well as showing the first meeting with Twilight. Well, the upside is that we know she will succeed in hatching Spike's egg the second time around in this timeline thanks to Discord's training (because we DID see Spike in the premier story in this universe which is set years after this).

REALLY looking forward to more of this timeline.

He fell for her cuteness,indeed. Even I would do anything for that lil' filly.

Hehe nice love your characterization of Discord and his interactions with Twilight

Help me, Twilight Sparkle, you’re my only hope

So we're going with that one, are we?

I don't know about you but I'm thinking of Shadow the Hedgehog

This was phenomenal i think the only point I didn't like was how in most of the the altered future fix they seem to pin the blame on twilight or distrust Twilight untill prooven otherwise, but even that can be overlooked with how absolutely magnigicent it was set up.

The first lesson in learning how to cast chaos magic is to get in the right mindset. Cast off any concepts of organization and embrace impulsiveness and whimsy.


I love it. It’s always good to see someone portray him as a more fun loving individual than explicitly nasty.

i love it! Please keep writin.


(This amusing reaction video is brought to you by Warhammer 40k.)

While I don't fully like the idea of Discord messing with lil' smart, I can say that you are doing a really good job of dancing on that ever so fine line between devious and malicious. I have always agreed that the show didn't do Discord enough justice, but then again "We can't possibly show anything really scary to little girls now can we?" and while I loved the bittersweet ending of the show, I, like many others didn't like the part that was "ooh we're bringing back an ancient evil...psych! haha it was Discord all along".

As for the dragon's egg test, I cannot remember which story it was, but somewhere in the jungle of fanfiction, art, and blogs that is the internet, I found a tantalizing hypothesis. The hypothesis suggested that the school did indeed set up the test for failure. However, their intent was not couched on fear of student's potential (although as much as I'd like to deny it, is not entirely inaccurate IRL) but on seeing how a prospective student reacted to stress/pressure and failure.

I usually subscribe to the designed-to-test-failure theory as well. Any self respecting adult wouldn't expect a first grader to bear the consequences of bringing a sapient life form into the world. The test-for-failure is actually true here as well. Even without Discord's interference, Twilight had enough book smarts to coast in, easily. But neither of them knew that, and so here we are.


Any self-respecting adult wouldn't expect a first grader to bear the consequences of bringing a sapient life form into the world.

I totally agree with you in theory, but as much as I wish otherwise, I've read some IRL horror stories about parents who demand nothing short of absolute cosmic perfection in their children.

Anyhow, I love stories like this one that manages to capture the relative themes of the show, but at the same time exploring the myriad "what-ifs" and touching upon heavier elements than the show can on account of its target audience.

Please make this a thing
Its such a good premise and mentor apprentice relationship between them would be so fun to explore not to mention how twilight would change by being more open to chaod instead of her silly little order

Whats the word for this symbol

It's the Star of Chaos.

I am just in love with the idea of villains like discord and Grogar teaching twilight (maybe Chrissy if written correctly)

Not the first "Discord teach filly Twilight" but good work with the idea. Did you think about put the story in any group?

This story is just OOZLING with fun possibilities! <3 <3 <3

Also, it's the only story I've read where Discord teaches Twilight at all, or at least one that is a filly.

I'd love to see more <3

OH! MY! GAWD! This is soooooo goooooooodddd!!!!! I LOVE IT!! MORE MORE!!!

The first lesson in learning how to cast chaos magic is to get in the right mindset. Cast off any concepts of organization and embrace impulsiveness and whimsy.

He might as well've asked her to turn pink and shatter the fourth wall!:rainbowlaugh:

He flew over, and with a flick of his eagle claw against the crystal, it shattered to pieces. The small filly immediately began gasping for air as she was picked up and hugged by one of the other pegasi. Apparently whoever cast the imprisonment spell didn’t properly charm it to put the victim in stasis. Instead the poor thing had been suffocating.

Discord couldn’t have been more outraged. He had every intention of dealing with whoever dared break the rules. They were the rules that he had applied to himself, naturally, but he didn’t care. Having a child murderer on the loose was unacceptable. Chaos was about change and fun. Death was neither of those.

Okay just to be fair that wasn't Twilight's fault she was trying to stop Starlight it just happens that Rainbow Dash got in the middle of it :facehoof: I mean it's a good thing Discord saved her

The filly would eventually grow to be a threat to his toys. But he couldn’t simply get rid of her. That was against the rules, and it would cause a paradox. She needed to go back in time to attack the pegasus, so Discord could absorb the chaotic fallout. So he should let her be.

Discord that was never future Twilight's attention she was trying to stop Starlight of alternate the timeline she will never hurt Rainbow Dash like that

Of course Twilight would never deliberately harm Rainbow Dash, but Discord doesn't know that. It's like finding a murder scene with the gun left behind, and it matches some poor schmuck that had his gun stolen. Further investigation would probably clear the accused, but in this case, Discord has no more information to go off of.

Yeah I guess you got a good point there because Twilight Spike and starlight disappeared right after Discord arrived

Okay so judging by how Rainbow Dash trapped inside of a crystal this was during the time when Discord actually won but this looks like a Different Twist instead of that Discord wanted to find out who was responsible of trapping a kid in a crystal Prison which unknown for him it was Twilight even though that was future Twilight did it but it was an accident but anyway so he find the source and even making her his Apprentice so nothing like this ever happened now this is a pretty interesting Twist of events wish this was a pretty good story I like this good job on it

I love discord and I hope that you continue this

Hm. Interesting take on how the Discord timeline began. So presumably the spectral Discord investigated Cloudsdale in every altered timeline if time changing was enough to power him up by itself, but it was specifically tracing the spell back to Twilight and picking up an apprentice which gave him the edge to win later? I'll have to check out the sequel to see exactly how it goes down, but I'm curious to see if there's any consideration to how the other timelines butterflyed out into so many different villains winning.

How Starlight's actions powered up Discord is fuzzy, and I'm likely never going to clarify it. As far as him observing all timelines, no, he did not. It's just that in this specific timeline, he chose to apprentice Twilight. If he takes over Equestria or not is up for debate, as The Longest Night shows him not acting entirely like his old, evil self.


I didn't mean this Discord observing all timelines, if that's how you took it. Just, my assumption was, if the act of ruining destiny in and of itself gave Discord enough power to astrally project and observe the source of the chaos in this timeline, then logically the same thing must have happened in all the other timelines Starlight altered as well? Just that the Discord timeline was the only one where there was an obvious filly trapped in a crystal to lead him to Twilight. So I'm presuming in every other altered timeline, Discord still came to investigate, but just didn't find anything leading to Twilight, and so those other timelines turned out differently from this one? At least, that was my interpretation of this. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Maybe, maybe not. Sorry, but that's really the only answer since these kinds of questions don't have real world answers. If you want me to make something up, I suppose I could say that the chaotic power mostly exploded out to this timeline, and thus Discord was empowered. In the others, he didn't.


Eh, fair enough. I can't say I blame you for handwaving it, in any case. The diverging timelines are kind of a Gordian knot, especially if you're trying to facilitate fanfic ideas at the same time. I had to work out a plan for the timelines for my own stories, so I know first-hand what a headache it can be.

Chaos rules. Hehe clever idea indeed.



Maybe in the other timelines, Discord also took Twilight as an apprentice; but he was himself defeated by Nightmare Moon, or by Tirek, or by Flim and Flam (don't ask me how that one works) or...


It's possible, I suppose, though I don't like the idea. Speaking from experience, it's already hard enough as it is to draw logical connections between the tiny changes at flight camp and all the different villains being victorious; making sense of the Glimmer timelines beyond handwaving them requires more drastic changes, not less. Otherwise, as you say, it raises the question of how the hell Discord lost to Flim and Flam with all these advantages. At least if he didn't have Twilight as his trump card in any other timeline, it goes some way towards making sense of it all, even if fully explaining it is beyond the scope of this fic.

He didn't lost, just that school trip didn't happen

In Project Horizons there was idea that because of slight divergence, he never was un-stoned second time and was relocated to pony equivsnt of SCP


You mean the CMC school trip from Return of Harmony? Because while that would normally suffice as an explanation for why Discord isn't free (at least in the short term), it kind of goes out the window if he's already significantly more powered up than usual thanks to time breaking, and has an agent on the outside actively working to free him. If Discord did have Twilight as an apprentice in every other Starlight timeline, then something else must have gone really, really wrong in all the others for him to still lose every single time, even to Flim and Flam. It just makes much more sense to me to assume that the timeline where Discord won is the only only one where he had Twilight's help.



Maybe it wasn't always an advantage. I can certainly see a possible timeline where Twilight accidentally messed up while trying to help free Discord and either strengthened his prison or alerted Princess Celestia (who then went ahead and strengthened his prison herself).


I'm not saying it's impossible, but I find it unlikely that Twilight Sparkle of all ponies would fail six times out of seven at something that the Cutie Mark Crusaders succeeded at by total accident.



Maybe she only failed one time out of seven (the Flim Flam timeline) at releasing Discord. Succeeded in releasing him in the other timelines, but - well, even in the main timeline, Discord got defeated one-on-one by Tirek. It's not impossible that he - or the empowered alicorn Nightmare Moon - might have been able to take down Discord themselves.


Again, not impossible, no, though I'd still have a hard time buying Discord losing five times out of six unless there were specific reasons for it each time. I believe every villain save for Flim and Flam is capable of beating him, but whether they're likely to is a different matter.

I mean, all this that you're suggesting is plausible, don't get me wrong. I just feel like we're going down a rabbit hole of suppositions and what-ifs here. If you want to write your ideas of how exactly the seven different timelines went down as a story or headcanon blog or something, I'd love to read it, but it might be a bit much in scope for us to continue debating in Spectral's comment section like this.

How he _was_ defeated by Flim and Flams creation was in FoE universe (Somber's book, not the first book), but assumes advanced magitech.

Perhaps he and NMM could annihilate



Yeah, you're right. It's (a) plausible, (b) unlikely, and (c) very much out of the scope of the story we're commenting on.


By all means, though, if you have ideas, do still write them down somewhere and share. I was serious about that. The Starlight timelines are still fertile ground for speculation and creative stories, and I'm always interested by theoretical models of how the seven timelines branched apart. I have my own version, of course, but it's heavily rooted in my own AU, so I like seeing other theories more applicable to a more general interpretation of canon.


Wasn't so much a defeat as he was already defeated and they just took advantage of him, but that is an interesting avenue of speculation for how the Flim Flam timeline happened.



Wow, that is a very thoroughly run-through version...


I try. Thanks.

The first lesson in learning how to cast chaos magic is to get in the right mindset. Cast off any concepts of organization and embrace impulsiveness and whimsy.

Twilight just stared in horror. This was going to be harder than she thought.

yes, this all goes against everything Twilight stands for. everything she holds dear.
which of course means she's a natural at chaos magic, because that's exactly the sort of thing chaos is all about.

Twilight just stared in horror. This was going to be harder than she thought.

That quote ALWAYS makes me bust out howling in laughter!!!

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