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The first Sonic Rainboom was a surprising, unexpected event. A moment of confusion, disruption....Chaos.

Discord finds an early escape from his statue, but in doing so, unknowingly drags with him six fillies from across Equestria. All of them having lost their memories, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Besides him.

Discord thus becomes the reluctant father figure to the six mares that will one day become Harmony's champions. Well, best enjoy the good times while they last.

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I'm going to keep a close eye on this.
Bc I like it.

It never ceases to amaze how you can always manage to find yet another facet of Discord's character to explore.

...another one?
when you have so many unfinished ones already?
you got the plot bunnies baaad, man
fuck it, it's likely to be as good as the other unfinished ones

I like this story so far can't wait to see where it goes

Yeah the plot bunnies have cursed us all. My new philosophy is to only write at most two stories at the same time so they get finished. If I get a new idea I write it down, archive it, and move on. It helps keep you sane.

Wonderful story, it made me wonder what the series would be like if that happened, but I guess you'll answer that question in future chapters.:twilightsmile:

Where's Discord gonna go with the girls?

A chaos protected and modified Castle of the Two Sisters.

I am loving this set up. You have a dedicated reader now

Being one of the few villains with an actual degree of ethics has got to tiresome.

All I can say is, wow. I have to really respect the effort you put into this prologue chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all quite well done in all the right places. REALLY enjoyed Discord's reflections on things before and after he was released by the first Sonic Rainboom. And, yeah, I can see him reflecting on how cliche` it is to have six fillies all given amnesia. Of course, given AJ's parents are probably dead (which was the reason she left for Manehattan in the first place), her having amnesia is actually a partial blessing. And, yeah, it IS going to be entertaining seeing the Mane Six raised by Discord as siblings. And I REALLY hope that the filly Mane Six will have enough of a positive influence on Discord for him to tone down his actions enough where, when they DO discover the Elements of Harmony, there won't be a NEED for them to use the Elements on HIM.

Of course, seeing how the Mane Six's canon families are going to take this will also be interesting to see (it's a pretty safe bet that they are all worried sick, but it is seeing how they show that worry that has me morbidly curious). As well as Spike (the dragon egg Twilight hatched) being raised by either Celestia herself or by Shining Armor and Cadance might be good to see too.

At any rate, I WILL be looking forward to more of this, but will also respect that real world concerns need to come first.

This is a very interesting take on old Dizzy and I look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Wow this is a pretty interesting take on for Discord not only he's free from Harmony's magic and from Celestia he also made his Sweet Escape but apparently the magic that caused his Escape affected 6 young ponies to forget about their past except for their names at least so now Discord with confused lost Little Ponies with him I wonder how this will work out for him can't wait to see how this work out

loved it,
not good at explaining why, but its an interesting concept
please do continue the awesome work!

An interesting thought - Its an F-U to Celestia, plus he gets to have Harmony and her Elements as "Trophies" (A chaotic garden with Harmony at the center, and the Element Monument in his main hall). Unfortunately, he likely can't even find it at the moment, even if he DID think of it...

That, and AK64 would have to decide to use the idea in the first place.

he taunt in pity as his


One thing that could have been nice would be that Fluttershy and Dash still remembered that they were friends...

And obviously the worst thing from this is that there would be no Fluttercord.

It's an interesting start, and I would like to see where you might take it.

Sadly there is a problem. You, dear author, have never finished any of your stories longer than a one-shot. Five years on the site, thirty-eight stories published, and of those only five one-shots seen to completion.

I really would like to see where this goes. This and several of your other stories that also have interesting and unique ideas to them.
Sadly, your track record sorta speaks for itself. The odds of this ever seeing completion are slim to none, and that's just a damn shame.

Jeez, I guess with a name like "ABitterPill" You don't have time to be screwing around with the truth bombs.


You would be correct. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to see this, and his other stories continue and reach completion. I really do. But past behavior suggests it just won't happen, which sucks.

Its not really a truth bomb if it is an issue I'm already aware of. Its a problem I've gotten better with in the past year, as I now post updates once a week at least instead of once a month at best. Of course, that's my fanfics in general, not just my MLP stuff.

But believe what you will.

Oh, here is a genuine fact though: I already have chapter 2 done, and am working on chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it when I release it.


Well, taking in your fanfiction.net profile into account also, you still haven't completed anything longer than a one-shot there either...
One hundred thirty-six stories published there, and of those marked complete there are... 10 marked complete, all either 1 chapter and/or under 7,000 words total, most under 3,000 words

I'll follow this story, and hope I see it continue, but seeing is believing.

Well Tha is A GLICH IN THE sistem grey walls . That is gfoing to be VEry interesting . What will be . Can Discored Tought them his Brand of magic . I am really intersted how will go .

This actually made me sad. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

By Phaos's cake, Celestia.

Who is Phaos? Or did you misstype Chaos?

No, that is correct. Its an ancient Greek word for "Light." Light in every every literal and metaphorical sense at that. He's basically invoking her domain while mentally complaining. Annnd I figured Discord likes the word-joke, Phaos(Celestia) being one letter aware from Chaos.

You learn something new every day. And well played.

1) I hope Discord will teach Main Six well. Perhaps they will teach him too...
2) I really want to read the next chapter.

Fav'd and tracked, looking for more! :heart:

Ooh, an interesting story idea! I like how you've written Discord--very aware of cliches, and that obviously these six are the next Elements. But also having morals, even when "evil", and knowing that he won't just leave these six to fend for themselves. And do I perhaps detect him seeing his younger self in these scared lost foals...?

I am already intrigued by this story, and looking forward to future chapters!

Etymology is one of my more amusing interests.

Just where do you get these ideas? I swear every new story of yours are based around idea or possibility I haven't though of and I used to consider myself creative, more so when it comes messing with canon.

He grimaced as he saw the spell coming. There was no way he'd finish overpowering Harmony before it hit.

Yet as the spell reached half way to his statue, he was shocked to find all resistance had disappeared.

Which meant he was now the magical equivalent of tumbling forward

It was beautiful imagining Discord having metaphorical tug of war with that crystal tree, slowly winning only for tree to suddenly drop the rope.

The story begins awesome ^^ cant wait to read more ^^

I'm excited to see where this goes.

Will you update this? Because the premise is fantastic.

Great job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups in all the right places. Greatly adored Discord's reflections on the games he's invented while in stone, the differing reactions to the ride Discord conjured up for the filly Mane Six as well as Discord spotting bits and pieces of the fillies' differing personalities, the dialogues between the fillies, Discord reflecting on his usual relationships with children (and also noting how Twi would probably turn out if Celestia got her hooves into her) and the fillies' reactions to Discord's home.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

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